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The Importance of Networking in Business

“In truth, networking is useful at all stages of your career and is recommended even during the admissions process for university. MBA admissions coach David White, who runs the MBA guidance website Menlo Coaching, shares on the blog, “Establishing relationships with current students, faculty and alumni of a business school enriches your understanding of what that school can do for you—and what you can do for the school.” These connections, together with what you learn in your application, will help you become the ideal candidate for that school.” (Read More)

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Basic Income: Scotland and Beyond

Professor Standing is right; with pilot programmes launching across the world, the time is ripe for a Scottish experiment – and with a Scottish parliamentary majority comprised of Greens, actively advocating for a basic income and a Scottish National Party amenable to the idea, there has never been a better time to push for a Scottish study. Scotland’s unique characteristics, population density, GDP and economic diversity make it an ideal candidate for a national pilot. (Read More)

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Apple – Genuinely Happy 40th Birthday or Looming Mid-life Crisis?

The ripe old age of 40 is often a time to reflect on your success in life, either looking ahead to more of the same or beginning to worry that the next forty years might be a road downhill. So is Apple set to hold on to its position as the world’s most profitable public company , or is it about to enter its own mid-life crisis, facing stagnant mediocrity, grey hair and the label “has-been”?
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Is this the end of the road for business travel?

The world’s airport business lounges might be even more peaceful and relaxing this year as companies decide to rein in spending on travel. Budgets have been squeezed by airline and hotel pricing trends, internal cost cuts, compliance considerations and traveller safety concerns. Factor in the rise of virtual meeting technology and the trick for the business travel industry leaders will be to work out where the market now lies. (Read More)

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Toxic innovation: Volkswagen is the tip of a destructive iceberg

In short, VW is only the most current and most prominent example of toxic innovation. If corporations want to keep the trust of their consumers they will have to design toxic innovation out of their broader innovation activity. Sadly, stories are emerging in increasing frequency in which companies are applying the same skills they use to brings us wonderful products and services, to cheating, deceiving or in simply trying to be clumsily smart. The result is damage for everyone along the supply chain. (Read More)