DARROW empowers

DARROW is an invaluable platform that empowers people. By allowing anyone to share their ideas, thoughts and analysis we ensure that new ideas are brought forward, regardless of who you are, your background and your employment. Everyone has a part to play and insight to offer. To be a part of this is an immense honour and I look forward to seeing DARROW grow ever stronger.

John Lindberg

DARROW provides a unique platform

I joined DARROW earlier this year and even in that small time I’ve seen it grow significantly. DARROW provides a unique platform for writers across the UK to share ideas, hold those in positions of power to account and to exercise freedom of speech. In particular, it’s been a pleasure to be a part of DARROW’s Welsh contingent! I’d really encourage any aspiring journalist or anyone who simply enjoys commenting on current affairs to become a contributing writer as widening the number of individual perspectives will prove beneficial to the existing writing community and DARROW’s wider readership. I look forward to helping DARROW grow in the future.

Will Hingley
Aberystwyth University

DARROW allows you to explore

Unlike most think tanks and magazines, DARROW does not limit its writers to one field or specialty; it encourages writers to explore. Given this flexibility, I have been able to sharpen and rethink floating thoughts that I never had the opportunity to write about and delve into topics for which I had limited academic or research experience. Essentially, and this is key: at DARROW we learn and develop as much as we contribute.

Sam Black

A great opportunity for aspiring writers!

Darrow has really been a great platform for me to be able to practice my writing skills and at the same time to learn from others. It’s a great way to get new perspectives on different issues and simultaneously share your own thoughts. Darrow provides ordinary people with the chance to express their ideas in their own unique way while informing the public on a variety of subjects. Lots of people would like to write for a magazine or newspaper but feel as though they don’t have the proper qualifications or they just can’t seem to find a platform that they can relate to. I think Darrow gives people such a platform and encourages writers to think outside the box and find their own category to write for. There is a great variety of writers here at Darrow and I encourage anyone who wants to be part of the team to not hesitate and make the community even more diverse and stronger than it already is.

Gabriela Bernal
Arizona State University

A unique and important publication

Darrow is an important publication with eloquent and informed opinion and analysis.

I enjoy the variety that cuts across so many fields. Views feel fresh and are often expressed with wit and evidence.

Keep up the good and important work.

Paul Levy

Great publication – professional and friendly

Darrow is a great independent site that are professional and prompt in their responses. It’s fantastic that they’re so positive about giving emerging artists the opportunity to tell their stories and that they are very open to arts coverage as well as news and politics.

Bernie O'Toole

Darrow is a unique publication

Darrow is a unique publication that enables writers from a variety of backgrounds to develop their public portfolio and professional profile. As such, Darrow is resplendent with a collection of intelligent articles and analyses on a variety of issues and topics; demonstrating the diversity of opinion and debate that this foundation both encourages and nurtures.

Oliver Murphy

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