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Is it fair to brand the U.S Constitution ‘anti-democratic’?

“Since that ‘Miracle of Philadelphia’, the US Constitution has, over the years,  proven to possess the features that encourage democracy. In order to protect the right to life, liberty, and property from the “grips of human depravity” the framers established a system of checks and balances. This would restrain the three branches and prevent a tyranny of the majority from coming to fruition. 

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Politics & Society

American politics and the quiet deference

…The UK on the other hand treats US politics with an imperial deference. It is at once all encompassing but goes into nowhere near as much detail as you might expect from a country as fixated as us on the romance of Washington. If you are to commit to hypocrisy at least do it well; saturate the British press and social media with every minutia of congressional humdrum and follow through. (Read More)