Air strike in Sana'a / Credit: ibrahem Qasim
Middle East

The neglected war in Yemen

Gabriela writes about the civil war currently going on in Yemen and the role the US and UK are playing. A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen since March 2015 and up to now all peace talks have failed and the country is in chaos. (Read More)

'Europe'/ CC

UK votes for Brexit in historic referendum

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum. This result will change the course of British history and possibly have a domino effect on other European countries. The result came as a surprise to many, even the Leave camp, but there are already some politicians in other European countries that want to hold a similar referendum in their country. The economic implications of Brexit are still not known but businesses have made it clear that they will have to review their plans now that the British people have voted for Brexit. Furthermore, prime minister David Cameron has resigned and will be remain in office until October. Only time will tell exactly what kind of consequences this referendum will have for the UK, Europe, and the world. (Read More)

'US nuclear weapons test in Nevada in 1953' / CC
Ideas & Discussion

No one is asking the right questions about nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons are amongst some of the most controversial and emotive of issues. They’re up there with abortion, the legality of war and the death penalty. Ask anyone and they have an opinion, but I’m prepared to bet my lunch money that it will be a response based on the moral side of the question rather than the application of the issue itself. (Read More)