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Trump’s obvious historical strategy

19/04/2017 Alastair Stewart

“The result is genuine fear rooted in a powerful unknown president. And it is fear which is the most useful tool in the arsenal of any leader who wishes to make a lasting change. Machiavelli argued that sometimes it is “a very wise thing to simulate madness.” In this, Trump is unrivalled at stoking bewilderment and panic with no resource able to extrapolate his next move.”
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May is right to hold a general election

19/04/2017 Alastair Stewart

“May has eight weeks to win an election, but even less time to put together a manifesto package that is comprehensive and unequivocal on Brexit. There have been no signs to date that the UK Government has an overarching negotiating position or even an agreed understanding of what needs to be agreed upon with the EU.” (Read More)

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History and hope over terror and tyranny

23/03/2017 Alastair Stewart

“The irony of any attack on London is that it’s a special kind of museum for centuries-old hatreds which have transformed into a successful, multicultural peace. It is not perfect, and if it’s not always a simpatico example of multiculturalism then it’s certainly a melting pot of hatreds that have been confined to the past.” (Read More)

Photograph: 'Michael Heseltine' / By Julian Mason

The old men in grey suits should be listened to

14/03/2017 Alastair Stewart

“A peculiar thing happens to politicians of a particular age at the end of their careers. When they’re done with government or opposition, they’re shuffled off to the House of Lords where they either languish gracefully or take to the television circuit to gently voice their view or to share their experience. The animosity, whatever it might be against them, ends and they become that most pervasively undefined of creatures, the respected ‘statesman’.” (Read More)


Did the sun really set on the British Empire?

08/03/2017 Alastair Stewart

“The English language and the osmosis of British music, film and fashion around the globe create the usurpable fact that Britain’s reputation and influence are already second to none. If Brexit is not about economics or military dominance or cultural hegemony then what precisely are the imperial designs ministers have?” (Read More)

'Gibraltar' / Dennis Keller

Why Spain and the UK should be natural allies

02/12/2016 Alastair Stewart

‘Nevertheless, the Spanish and the British have more in common than their foreign policies might suggest. Both countries, perhaps more than any other two, are littered with monuments to their past imperial glories which can legitimately be said to have shaped the modern word over the last 600 years.’ (Read More)

PM meeting with Spanish PM Rajoy Prime Minister Theresa May travelled to Madrid to meet the Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy for bilateral talks at his official residence, Palacio de la Moncloa / Credit: Tom Evans
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May, Rajoy and ‘Brexpats’

25/10/2016 Alastair Stewart

With no shortage of irony, the Parnell Academy in Mijas has set up a ‘Brexpats Spanish Nationality Course’ where they teach how expats can apply to become a Spanish citizen if they don’t much fancy a decade of uncertainty over Brexit. (Read More)

'Theresa May' by DonkeyHotey
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Through a glass, darkly: Theresa May’s Conference Speech

06/10/2016 Alastair Stewart

Does it not seem a lifetime ago that David Cameron was laughing off fears of a Brexit?

Theresa May’s Conservative Party conference speech has not only buried the patrician legacy of her predecessor but also indulged the Conservative membership to the hilt. Like a pop star coming on for an encore, she’s gone mad for flag-waving and forgotten that Brexit is a waltz, not a mosh pit.
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'Boris Johnson As Emperor' by Matt Brown

Boris, Brexit and Britons in Spain

17/03/2016 Alastair Stewart

A former Eton schoolmate and long-time rival of David Cameron, the Mayor of London and MP is unique in being culturally formed by strong European antecedents all while rejecting the EU: he was educated in Brussels, covered the European Commission as a journalist and has English, Russian, Swiss, Turkish and French ancestry (the latter which links him to most of Europe’s royal families). (Read More)

'Europe' / CC

At home and abroad: What does Europe mean?

15/03/2016 Alastair Stewart

The idea of Europe and the practicalities of Europe are, by and large, the differences between resident UK citizens and British expats. For many back home it’s not unfair to say that Europe is seen as behemoth of bureaucracy or the political right’s nightmare child that inflicts red tape, open borders and pedantic rules. For us, it’s a more complicated picture. (Read More)