Turkey: current developments and ambitions

Erdoğan also claimed that funds promised by the EU have yet to reach Turkey. The refugee problem has put a severe strain on Turkey, especially after the recent EU-Turkey agreement of March 20. This agreement called for all migrants who arrive illegally in Greece to be sent to Turkey if they do not apply for asylum or if their claim is rejected. So far, Turkey has taken in some three million refugees and has had to spend about $10 billion of their budget on dealing with the refugee crisis. (Read More)

Ideas & Discussion

Islamic State’s nuclear gambit

When collectively assessing these developments it is possible to conclude two things. Firstly, these events are demonstrative of a focused campaign by Islamic State to acquire nuclear material for a weapon. Secondly, the thefts in Iraq and the apparent eagerness of nuclear smugglers to sell radioactive material to Islamic State attest to the increasing ease and probability of its attainment. (Read More)

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Ideas & Discussion

Rushdie’s Fatwa: What have we learned 27 years later?

He was guilty of blasphemy, according to the former supreme leader of Iran. His best-selling novel “The Satanic Verses” had upset quite a few people, to put it lightly, and was, according to some fundamentalists, enough to warrant Rushdie’s death. But have we-and by “we” I mean humanity in general-learned from this dark passage in modern history? (Read More)

Environment & Energy

Climate change terrorism: A threat in the future?

When the history of the early 21st century is written it will likely tell of a single day as the fateful turning point. 9/11 will be recorded as the point when the ‘war on terror’ was launched in earnest, unleashing untold havoc across the world. With its vacuously intoxicating allure the war on terror has torn resources from other pressing issues globally and for the last 15 years the ‘war on terror’ has absorbed so much of our attention that little else has managed to squeeze itself on to the agenda. Military budgets have ballooned and the bombing of foreign countries has become common practice in disregard to international law. (Read More)


Insecurity and the Charlie Hedbo murders

Our Foreign Affairs Editor, Philip Horey, leads with the first in our new Snap Shot series; quick fire reactions and light-bulb ideas for your consumption.

Today, he looks at the questions to come from the murders at Charlie Hebdo in Paris. If you have any thoughts, please do leave a comment below the article or follow us on Twitter for the latest article news. (Read More)