A Biblical disaster isn’t always bad

So here we are. There were few cars. There were no people. And it was 2am in the morning at this point. It was genuinely bad. Thank God we kept our heads (we didn’t at all, hyperbole and drama and laughing off trouble has been the silent third partner to our duo for over 13 years). (Read More)

Alastair Stewart / CC

‘We in Spain’: Thoughts on the Scottish referendum

I left the UK on the 1st of Spain and I’d registered to have a postal vote. I was streaming the UK news daily. What I didn’t quite anticipate for was – despite the posturing of the Spanish prime minister – that the issue was as lively a news topic as it was at home. For days before everyone knew what Scotland might do and what the issues were. Few people in this southerly resort could name the campaign leaders, but they could certainly talk about the economic and social pros and cons with aplomb. (Read More)

Almerimar / Alastair Stewart

Homage to El Ejido

Living abroad for ten months, with a ten-day visit home at Christmas, dulls the senses a bit. It’s July now and after so long away and either by necessity or circumstance home becomes an intangible lucid dream in the back of your head: it’s so familiar that when you invoke it you’re there with every detail. When you return to Her Majesty’s shores the same thing can be said of El Ejido, where I work or Almerimar where I live. Sandy beaches, beautiful vistas and a deep love for my job teaching English: you get the gist. (Read More)


Why I won’t be voting

I find myself in a curious position. I make no secret that I run this site from Spain. I moved her in September and in all likelihood will stay for a number of years if the opportunity continues. I have professional commitments but spend every moment of my free time concentrating on Darrow, which, as you’ll have noticed, has a soft spot for the politics of home. (Read More)