Sic Transit Gloria Bantz

“I utterly despise banter. Not the humorous conversation between people you are familiar with, which is the traditional and proper definition of the term ‘banter’ at least as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary. The sort of pleasant, light-hearted and time-limited back and forth between family, friends and colleagues that can often produce happy memories or progress the working day to its glorious end” (Read More)

World Politics

American politics and the quiet deference

…The UK on the other hand treats US politics with an imperial deference. It is at once all encompassing but goes into nowhere near as much detail as you might expect from a country as fixated as us on the romance of Washington. If you are to commit to hypocrisy at least do it well; saturate the British press and social media with every minutia of congressional humdrum and follow through. (Read More)

Moyan Brenn, Edinburgh Festival / CC
Arts & Culture

Review: Character Limit

‘Character Limit documents the changing fortunes of four citizens of the internet. They navigate a terrain of bloggers, vloggers, trolls, arseholes, attention-seekers and egotists that populate the virtual realm in which we all now spend half of our lives. We meet Jenny, a feminist vlogger who receives a misogynist backlash; Cameron, a straight ally who sets up a popular but mysterious campaign called #SaveSergei; and Natalie, a teenager who airs her dirty laundry online.’ (Read More)