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I’m Scottish, not SNP: A response to Max Hastings

21/10/2015 Alastair Stewart

I have a lot of time for Max Hastings. I’ve always found his analysis to be lucid in a world of half-dreamed fact and his Finest Years: Churchill at War is glorious historical writing. A lifetime or two ago he was even kind enough to share advice about me writing my own book on the great man, and his signed edition of my copy means a great deal to me. (Read More)

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An intriguing contest: West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine

Situated in the North East of Scotland, surrounded by spectacular forests and stunning Lochs, it provides a home to exquisite castles including the royal favourite of Balmoral. It stretches all the way to The Cairngorms National Park in the shadow of the picturesque mountains. No, this is not a tourism pitch; this is my local Westminster constituency. (Read More)


Why anti-Tory sentiment will dominate the forming of the next government

History is littered with unlikely partnerships, whether it be the Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939 that brought together the extreme right and the far left, or the unlikely coalition of partners that now tackle ISIS in the Middle East, or even a Tory-Lib Dem coalition that has endured for five years. Political circumstances have often thrown together unusual marriages of convenience. The 2015 UK General Election will undoubtedly witness such a coalition of interests emerge once again. (Read More)

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Let the SNP govern the UK, it will expose how incompetent they really are

08/03/2015 Alastair Stewart

Collective amnesia governs instead of the SNP in Scotland. Local councils have been stripped of their budgets, the NHS endures a roller coaster of budget cuts, disastrous waiting times and a shortage of nurses. Education has been mismanaged and colleges closed, despite promises not to, and dissenting voices across the political spectrum are treated as somehow unpatriotic by representatives and supporters alike, particularly on social media. (Read More)

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Will Scotland prove to be the Kingmaker?

19/01/2015 Sean Mowbray

In little over 4 months, Britain will go to the polls in the most eagerly anticipated General Election in recent memory. As margins go it will be a tightly run. Every single seat will count; incumbents of previously ‘safe’ seats will be looking over their shoulders nervously. Nowhere more so than Scotland, where the stakes are incredibly high as the result may well determine the makeup of the next UK Government. (Read More)