'Scottish Parliament' / Andrew Cowan / CC

An intriguing contest: West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine

Situated in the North East of Scotland, surrounded by spectacular forests and stunning Lochs, it provides a home to exquisite castles including the royal favourite of Balmoral. It stretches all the way to The Cairngorms National Park in the shadow of the picturesque mountains. No, this is not a tourism pitch; this is my local Westminster constituency. (Read More)


Why anti-Tory sentiment will dominate the forming of the next government

History is littered with unlikely partnerships, whether it be the Nazi-Soviet pact of 1939 that brought together the extreme right and the far left, or the unlikely coalition of partners that now tackle ISIS in the Middle East, or even a Tory-Lib Dem coalition that has endured for five years. Political circumstances have often thrown together unusual marriages of convenience. The 2015 UK General Election will undoubtedly witness such a coalition of interests emerge once again. (Read More)

History & Philosophy

Scotland’s Empire in the Sun

A current of thought amongst contemporary historians follows that empires have a life span. Like living organisms they grow, mature and begin to decay in a natural and seemingly inevitable process of decline. This has proven true for the greatest empires known to the world – Rome, Egypt, Spain, Britain and perhaps America today. (Read More)

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Environment & Energy

A small solution to a big problem

What if we could address Britain and Scotland’s energy security before it became a real problem, with a solution that not only offers cheap and reliable electricity, but also allows for us to meet our emission targets? Renewable energy sources are important yet usually fail two out of three tests all while the hypocrisy of the SNP remains astounding. (Read More)