Scottish Nationalism: A Movement Bereft of Ideas?

“A lesson that many independence supporters failed to heed from 2014 is that being able to mobilise tens of thousands of already engaged people (some zealously so) might look good for a modicum of publicity, but it doesn’t necessarily conflate with political clout or persuasion” (Read More)

Arts & Culture

Review | Winter Solstice | The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

“Yet it doesn’t seem to accomplish that here; in fact, it’s a struggle to see what the staging brings to the play other than a few cheap laughs. The cast gamely try to bring their characters to life, and Kirsty Besterman’s Bettina alongside Davin Beames’ Rudolph are particular standouts, skilfully evoking a bitter, wry frustration and an insidious, polite extremism respectively. But the staging is effectively working against them. As the narration describes the house or a character in great detail, all we want to do is see it, to watch it unfold instead of constantly being told what it is. The characters are neither truly believable as individuals or as symbols of some wider concept.” (Read More)