Review | ‘The Case for Impeachment’

Distinguished Professor of History at the American University in Washington DC, Allan J. Lichtman has produced my favourite book of 2017. Renowned as the man who predicted Donald Trump’s election to the White House, Lichtman turns his attention to how and why President Trump should be impeached. (Read More)

'Great food' / CC

Review: The Dhabba / Glasgow

If you’re lucky to have a seasoned Edinburgh migrant to give you a tour, you’re in good fortune: you can simply name food and be given the names of great establishments in quick succession. In this case ‘Indian’ was met with ‘Dhabba’ and a prompt march to an evening of most enjoyable dining. (Read More)

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Arts & Culture

Review: Predestination

It takes a lot to surprise yours truly when it comes to the time travel front. Many a long evening turned has into a longer night obsessively trying to untangle a paradox or find logic “in a big ball of wibbly wobbly…time-y wimey…stuff. (Read More)