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Netanyahu’s UK visit represents a paradigm shift with Israel

“Settlements aside, Israeli/UK business remains stronger than ever. Trade relations between both countries are positive and are steadily growing in both directions. Bilateral trade is worth £5 billion a year and has doubled in the last decade. The UK is Israel’s second largest trading partner after the US. And, technological, pharmaceutical and military collaboration between both sides remains strong.” (Read More)

Air strike in Sana'a / Credit: ibrahem Qasim
Middle East

The neglected war in Yemen

Gabriela writes about the civil war currently going on in Yemen and the role the US and UK are playing. A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen since March 2015 and up to now all peace talks have failed and the country is in chaos. (Read More)

Middle East

The West: The problem not the solution in the Middle East

Syria lies in ruin! Rampant with death and displacement, children freeze in the long harsh winter of refugee camps that stretch far and wide. Whilst, Egypt’s democracy lasted less time than the Pleb gate scandal, Libya and Iraq sees militias set the agenda, with death a frequent and tragic companion to these embattled populations. As a citizen of the twenty-first century I am repulsed by what has been allowed to happen in Middle East; however my repulsion as a world citizen is nothing compared to my revulsion at being identified as British, European and Western following the Arab Spring. (Read More)