Review | ‘The Case for Impeachment’

Distinguished Professor of History at the American University in Washington DC, Allan J. Lichtman has produced my favourite book of 2017. Renowned as the man who predicted Donald Trump’s election to the White House, Lichtman turns his attention to how and why President Trump should be impeached. (Read More)

World Politics

Prosecute Blair if you want to, he’s a non sequitur now

In the meantime, while the Shadow Chancellor might be calling for Blair’s arrest, it is up to us as a public to decide whether or not we really want to see a former prime minister disregarded to the dustbin of history or whether we could like to see Mr Blair put on trial for what he did when holding he mantle of the highest office of this land. The answer is not immediately clear, but we need to get ourselves into a mental place where we know when all the facts are made available. (Read More)