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Looking back at the rack #2 – Civil War

So last month, we talked about Planet Hulk, in all its green-rage, monster-fuelled (and sword and planet styled) glory! This month, we’re going to look a little closer to home.

When people ask me, “I’m looking to get into comic books, what do you recommend?” I almost never suggest Marvel’s cross-title Civil War. It’s not because it’s bad (far from it!), but because you need to know a little bit about the Marvel universe beforehand so you can truly understand the grand scale of this all-out Marvel event. (Read More)

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Why do fictional heroes take themselves so seriously?

Each hero is presented as being entirely unique and original. Alfred never said, ‘you know Bruce, you’ve lost your bastard mind wanting to be like all those comic book heroes’. No one ever told Tony Stark that Iron Man was just like RoboKing of Wonder Comics and no one mentioned to Sarah Connor that a time travelling robot was a lot like that film The Executioner with Wolfgang McBain. (Read More)


Looking back at the rack #1: Planet Hulk

People frequently ask me “I want to get into comics, what should I read?” If I were to answer honestly and carefully consider a response for each individual person, I would undoubtedly get it wrong. Everyone is different and everyone’s exposure to comic book universes varies. I’m familiar with a lot of the Marvel universe, but I would hardly consider myself well-read enough to know every little detail or reference in every issue. But what I can do is tell you what I do know. So, looking back at my comic book rack, where should we begin? (Read More)