Review: Dylan Moran ‘Off The Hook’

Dylan Moran brings his unique brand of optimistic pessimism to Glasgow’s Clyde auditorium for a night of serious laughter, and an impressive array of artwork, with Off The Hook. Everyone’s favourite hater of things returns to rail against politics, technology, golf, religion and the current trend of British Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing TV programmes. (Read More)

Moyan Brenn, Edinburgh Festival / CC
Arts & Culture

Review: Character Limit

‘Character Limit documents the changing fortunes of four citizens of the internet. They navigate a terrain of bloggers, vloggers, trolls, arseholes, attention-seekers and egotists that populate the virtual realm in which we all now spend half of our lives. We meet Jenny, a feminist vlogger who receives a misogynist backlash; Cameron, a straight ally who sets up a popular but mysterious campaign called #SaveSergei; and Natalie, a teenager who airs her dirty laundry online.’ (Read More)