Art: Churchill by Paul Don Smith / Hanbury Street. England / Picture: Sara Kelly

Churchill won’t be British after a ‘yes’ vote

Whether it be the Queen or the BBC, Yes Scotland have attempted to present unassailable guarantees that with independence the sun will still rise, Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who will still be on TV, and a ‘social union’ with our ‘closest friends’ will operate across the British Isles. But will it really endure? (Read More)

Moyan Brenn, Edinburgh Festival / CC
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Review: Pip Utton: Churchill

“Once-a-year the chimes of Big Ben strike thirteen and Sir Winston Churchill’s statue reanimates to indulge the three great passions of his namesake: scotch, cigars and listening to himself speak. Written and performed by Pip Utton, this enchanted hour moves swiftly beyond caricature and becomes an enthralling exploration of the life and character of a capricious historical giant.” (Read More)