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Rushdie’s Fatwa: What have we learned 27 years later?

He was guilty of blasphemy, according to the former supreme leader of Iran. His best-selling novel “The Satanic Verses” had upset quite a few people, to put it lightly, and was, according to some fundamentalists, enough to warrant Rushdie’s death. But have we-and by “we” I mean humanity in general-learned from this dark passage in modern history? (Read More)

Ideas & Discussion

Charlie Hebdo and my grandmother

But whenever my cousins or me brought up the subject of us being Italian, my grandmother would proudly proclaim: “I’m American.”

And right she was, she was born and raised in the United States. Both my grandparents spoke Italian as well as English. The Italian they learned came from at home, not school. My father and aunt, however, were discouraged from ever speaking Italian. My grandparents wanted to raise their children as Americans. (Read More)


Insecurity and the Charlie Hedbo murders

Our Foreign Affairs Editor, Philip Horey, leads with the first in our new Snap Shot series; quick fire reactions and light-bulb ideas for your consumption.

Today, he looks at the questions to come from the murders at Charlie Hebdo in Paris. If you have any thoughts, please do leave a comment below the article or follow us on Twitter for the latest article news. (Read More)