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Donald Trump and Theresa May’s ‘special relationship’ has been turned into NSFW street art

24/04/2017 Alastair Stewart

“Young people have never even more isolated, and some are lashing out. Street art represents an immutable reaction against a political class that doesn’t want to listen, a voting system that is flawed and a society that feels angrier than ever in a generation. It is no coincidence that these montages are so often graphic in their depiction and so publicly displayed.”
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Trump’s obvious historical strategy

19/04/2017 Alastair Stewart

“The result is genuine fear rooted in a powerful unknown president. And it is fear which is the most useful tool in the arsenal of any leader who wishes to make a lasting change. Machiavelli argued that sometimes it is “a very wise thing to simulate madness.” In this, Trump is unrivalled at stoking bewilderment and panic with no resource able to extrapolate his next move.”
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Political rhetoric isn’t at an all time low, it’s changed forever

13/03/2017 Alastair Stewart

“There are innate, widely shared moral standards in our society about what is acceptable and unacceptable in public life. Much of it is common sense, otherwise, it’s the product of family, institutions and generational veneration of esteemed figures. The bitter consequence of creating good citizens over critical thinkers is it’s creating a dissonance and disbelief that pure deception could be taking place in broad daylight. ‘Not here’, they say. ‘Surely not, must be an explanation for it’. Yet we’ve crossed the Rubicon with rapid speed.” (Read More)

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Trump, the alt-right, and the normalization of bigotry

09/03/2017 Daniel Hewett

“But, with the normalisation of bigotry in the name of free speech, the alt-right will find themselves increasingly providing a cover for people with sincerely ugly beliefs about ethnicity, sex, culture, religion and more. Even now it’s hard to tell the genuine fascists apart from the common trolls.” (Read More)

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Caroline Kennedy: America’s Next President?

20/02/2017 Max Gwynne

“The argument exists that she currently lacks sufficient experience to run; the same argument was used against JFK when he ran for the Presidency in 1960. One has only to study Caroline’s past and observe her speak to see she is a natural diplomat and public speaker with some excellent political and legal experience; certainly more than many other Presidents and Presidential hopefuls in the past.” (Read More)

'Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.' by Gage Skidmore

The Donald is the presidential rule, not the exception

31/01/2017 Alastair Stewart

There’s much to disagree on. Money can’t buy class, and Trump’s signature over the top lavishness is clearly compensating for something. Even with the indisputable fact that he is an accomplished businessman, if you watch every video on Trump you see soon enough that there is a painfully apparent chip in his psychological make-up. (Read More)


‘It Can Happen Here’ is as relevant as ever

26/01/2017 Will Lane

Michael Meyer’s wonderfully acute, succinct and thought-provoking introduction describes the book’s protagonist, Doremus Jessup, as ‘a mild, rather indolent and somewhat sentimental liberal’. If only the world today was full of indolent sentimental Liberals. Similar to those in It Can’t Happen Here, with the exception of Jessup, today’s Liberals seem on the one hand content to hold together a world that is evidently not working for the majority of people, while also to their credit are able to identify a truly dangerous, hapless president who poses a threat not just to their world but to the ideals of the whole population. (Read More)

Donald Trump speaking with the media at a hangar at Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona. / Gage Skidmore
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Dangers from Trump’s narrow hinterland

29/11/2016 John Webster

“The second weakness is that his entire career has been as a businessman. The fact that he has proved very capable in his various business appointments does not obviate the risk of harm that experience only in this one arena could bring to governmental processes. On the contrary, it could increase it. Trump has already shown he has the prejudices of many business people about government: that it is a hindrance to productive business.” (Read More)

Photograph: 'US-UK-Flags' / CC
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Farage, Trump and the Future of UK-US Relations

26/11/2016 Allan Nixon

In the current global political climate, UK-US relations hang worryingly in the balance. Relations with one another’s transatlantic counterpart have simultaneously been touted as pivotal and yet uncertain, currently. Yet with Nigel Farage marching onto the scene claiming to be the key to reviving relations between the two nations through his ostensible “bromance” with Donald Trump, why, then, has Downing Street rebuffed Farage’s overtures so swiftly? And what are we to make of the future of UK-US relations? (Read More)

'Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.' by Gage Skidmore
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The surprise election of President Trump

13/11/2016 David Bone

With the recent election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency, this article briefly discusses some of the factors behind his successful election, what we can glean from his statements so far and why his election doesn’t spell the end of the American republic. (Read More)

'Donald Trump' by Cage Skidmore / CC
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The appeal of Donald Trump

24/08/2016 David Bone

This short article discusses the appeal of Donald Trump to many in America. It argues that this is predominantly down to two main reasons. One, his lack of establishment credentials and secondly his policies mark a return to the prominence of the nation state after decades of globalisation. (Read More)

Donald Trump speaking with the media at a hangar at Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona. / Gage Skidmore
US & Canada

Can Trump still get the nomination?

09/04/2016 Gabriela Bernal

Having lost in Wisconsin, the Trump campaign will have to start thinking about the possibility that he might not get the 1237 delegates he needs to get the Republican nomination and that he might be challenged at the convention in Cleveland in July. “The sheer magnitude of the margin of Trump’s humiliating loss shows that his trail of outrageous comments is finally catching up with him,” said Ryan Williams, a Republican political consultant and former spokesman for Mitt Romney. Some say he’s not acting politically enough and that his attacks on Cruz’s wife really hurt him much more than it hurt them.
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Ben Carson: The man who would be king

25/10/2015 Sam Julius

Tagged by GQ as ‘a hero to black America’ (we’ve heard that one before), Carson is a classic example of the quintessential American dream. To his supporters, Carson typifies the sort of social mobility of which conservatives are so fond. Singlehandedly, as apparently those from the lowest social strata must, Carson dragged himself from childhood poverty to professional fame. Carson’s story is certainly a truly remarkable one, and on paper, he is a truly remarkable man. Yet, in putting himself forward for the role of leader of the free world, it is his political credentials that deserve our considered attention. (Read More)

'Our fiction writing' / CC
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What Fitzgerald tells us about the Republican primaries

19/10/2015 Neil Cardwell

Mitt Romney’s announcement that he would not seek the US Presidency for a third time gave me cause to consider again what F. Scott Fitzgerald really meant when he wrote that “there are no second acts in American life.” One school of thought promotes a straightforward interpretation: there are no second acts because American life does not allow an actor, in whatever sphere, to overcome initial failure. Another argues that Fitzgerald was critiquing the modern desire for swift resolutions, a trait which does not allow for complex resolutions to complex problems. (Read More)

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American politics and the quiet deference

18/10/2015 Alastair Stewart

…The UK on the other hand treats US politics with an imperial deference. It is at once all encompassing but goes into nowhere near as much detail as you might expect from a country as fixated as us on the romance of Washington. If you are to commit to hypocrisy at least do it well; saturate the British press and social media with every minutia of congressional humdrum and follow through. (Read More)