The distorted manifestation of an ‘instant’ man-made famine: how the current crisis in South Sudan was no surprise

26/04/2017 Priya Surendra

“Famine in South Sudan is not rare. Poor governance and instability quickly turn drought into a humanitarian crisis. The political and economic situation amongst the population of South Sudan has been disastrous even before the country gained independence in 2011. The Christian population of South Sudan comprises mostly black Africans, while Northern Sudan is predominantly Arab and Muslim. The political, religious, economic and social asymmetries in favour of the north, as well as racial tensions, have widened this divide between the two countries.” (Read More)


The African AIDS epidemic is the West’s failure

12/03/2017 Hannah Tayab

“A huge number of victims of AIDS are young women due to their lives as sex workers as there is a lack of opportunities to otherwise make money for women due to education deprivation. Developed nations, therefore, can be argued to have ultimately failed to meet their global responsibilities, as so many African women are still unable to access education and therefore, unable to progress their lives. Accessible education around the globe is a global responsibility for all developed countries.” (Read More)


Has Zuma made one bet too many?

10/02/2016 John Lang

Through all of this the President has never been put in any kind of real political danger though. Partly this is due to the unique makeup of South African politics, which sees an almost religious devotion to his party, the ANC, the anti-apartheid freedom movement turned party of Government. (Read More)