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Summer Is Coming

25/05/2017 David Bone

The short humorous article lists the authors’ reasons for why, contrary to popular opinion, summer is actually a massive conspiracy that we are all too scared to say we dislike. (Read More)

Food and Drink

Why I hate vegans

22/03/2017 Daniel Hewett

“Taxidermy is soon to be found only upon the walls of edgy right-wing night-clubs. Veganism is on the ascent and has quickly become an echo-chamber of sanctimony and righteous indignation. Quinoa and tofu; pine nuts and avocado: these are the altars at which the vegan worships, and the vegan worships loudly.” (Read More)

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Reflections on not drinking (as much)

13/03/2017 Alastair Stewart

“The second is the ostentatious stinker who tries to proselytise in manner and tone without actually having the gumption to go the full hog, tables upended and bottles out the window martyr to the cause. This, of course, overlooks that most people are doing precisely what this gentle soul objects to and will be offended anyway by their vain social haughtiness.” (Read More)

Photograph: 'St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh' / Chris Fleming
Food and Drink

Review | Dishoom / Edinburgh

20/12/2016 Alastair Stewart

“Ultimately, Dishoom’s true triumph is to showcase the skill of the staff and menu with pomp but no condescension. This is a place sure of itself but not cocky; offering specialised dining while clearly hoping for the first-time visitors to relish in their formula. Ignorance is bliss here, and an introduction to another world, or, as they would have you believe, another time. ” (Read More)

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Winter is Coming. Hurrah!!

16/10/2016 David Bone

Summer seems to get all the attention from the media these days. But what about the autumn and winter? This short, humorous article lists some of the authours favorite things about the more maligned of the seasons in no particular order, that should hopefully help you appreciate the autumn and winter a bit more. (Read More)

'Food for the weekend' / CC
Food and Drink

5 Foodie Reads for the Weekend

03/09/2016 Charlie Smoothy

TGIF. Whilst it’s been a short week for us in the UK, the hot weather has made commuting particularly difficult. Here’s 5 foodie things to read with a glass of wine to get you excited about what you’re going to cook and drink this weekend. (Read More)

Photograph: Pexels
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Volunteering for the soul

29/02/2016 Darren Pike

“What person rides a broom and wears a pointy hat?” I ask. Daniel, a sweet autistic boy, looks at me with a severe look of concentration on his face. “A Witch?” he retorts, with confidence. Daniel is an incredibly intelligent boy that has been exchanging riddles with me for the last few days. There have been animal related ones too. I am very close to being at a loss, but Daniel gives the impression he could keep testing me for quite a while longer. If you are trying to picture it, make sure you add a distinct aura of happiness around me. (Read More)

Photograph: Pexels
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The phenomenon of binge drinking in Britain

Although evident in the streets of Britain itself, Britain’s international reputation of being fans of binge drinking has grown tremendously from holiday destinations where other tourists have witnessed the chaos that can occur when the Brits decide to drink excessively at the various resorts which usually consist of the Spanish islands in southern Europe. (Read More)

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Josh Quigley: Why I tried to kill myself

15/02/2016 Josh Quigley

I am the most excitable, enthusiastic and happy person you could ever meet – anyone who knows me will tell you that.

What they might not tell you is that beneath my carefully crafted exterior a significant battle with depression had a grip of my soul. (Read More)

Health & Wellbeing

5 Ways to Refresh Your Thinking

06/01/2016 Paul Levy

We can all get stuck in our modes of thought. We can end up recycling the same ideas and this can stifle needed innovation. The world is changing all around us and our business can soon get out of touch with the external environment. That can quickly hit sales and revenue as what we offer is out of sync with the market for our product or service. (Read More)

'Great food' / CC
Food and Drink

Review: The Dhabba / Glasgow

02/11/2015 Alastair Stewart

If you’re lucky to have a seasoned Edinburgh migrant to give you a tour, you’re in good fortune: you can simply name food and be given the names of great establishments in quick succession. In this case ‘Indian’ was met with ‘Dhabba’ and a prompt march to an evening of most enjoyable dining. (Read More)

'The Captains Bar, South College Street' / CC
Arts & Culture

Review | The Captains Bar / Edinburgh

30/09/2015 Alastair Stewart

The point of this is to tell you why you should go to one of my favourite pubs. I owe nothing to this establishment but mu memories and that is a pot of gold I would never sell for all the tea in China. ‘The Captain’s Bar’ is simply one of the best things about Edinburgh. (Read More)

'Coffee & Fun' / CC
Arts & Culture

Review: Maison de Moggy / Edinburgh

25/08/2015 Alastair Stewart

Maison de Moggy has taken a novelty and turned it into a practical idea. The issue that most have – but which quickly becomes apparent – is the cats are taken care of. Set hours operate to ensure that they have time to sleep and the rooms, while small, are a sprawling maze of hidey holes, bridges, baskets and beds. Toys are littered around and they are fine examples of animals which have truly become accustomed to the cooing and petting of wave after wave of human visitors. (Read More)

'Wings, Edinburgh' / CC
Food and Drink

Review: Wings / Edinburgh

11/07/2015 Alastair Stewart

Wings is on the list and is actually more of a cross of Andalusian spirit and Scottish gluttony than you might think. The southern region of Spain prides itself on small portions accompanying a meal: they’re normally free of charge with an alcoholic beverage, but the size of the portions mean you can have a happy balance of good food and a drink. (Read More)

'Food for the weekend' / CC
Food and Drink

Review: Polpo (Maiden Lane Branch) / London

09/05/2015 Charlie Smoothy

When looking in London for a restaurant that isn’t hugely expensive and is possible to get into without booking there’s quite a few options to go from. Admittedly turning up at 6.30pm helps, but we walked into Polpo, (the Maiden Lane branch) and were shown straight to a table – we did pick the time just right though as shortly after a standing room only queue formed which I suspect was there for the rest of the night. (Read More)