Current British politics mirrors the mantra of its history: glorify the good, bury the bad

Is it possible that fewer people would hurl racial and Islamophobic slurs at Pakistanis and their communities if they knew that the British Raj was responsible for encouraging Pakistani migration to Britain in the mid twentieth century? I think so. The act of brushing such periods of history under the carpet, means that bigotry is fed by ignorance, which then allows for obliviousness and inaccuracies to find their ways into history books. (Read More)


Higher Education: Is Social Mobility working?

“I graduated in the summer of 2016, now while my student experience was absolutely fantastic; just a seconds thought about my £27,000 plus student debt is enough to make me feel nauseous. Coming from a working-class family, choosing Higher Education was incredibly daunting, I don’t even think my parents had £9000 in hand to claim their own. University felt like my only option, I needed a degree; if I wanted a successful career and to break my barriers, I had to obtain a degree and I’m so glad I did.” (Read More)

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The struggling student

If students were more outspoken about their struggles at university and how much the costs affect them, more would speak out about the rise in fees. The rise in fees might be needed to fund universities, however, it will have catastrophic effects on the next generation of students. (Read More)

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Why do we not export curricula like we do weapons?

Mass funded teacher exchange programmes, international conferences, pooled resources – all of it should achieve national attention as an optimistic and positive pursuit. Education should not only appear on the news when there’s a strike or a government debate, but as a regular policy crusade engaged in internationally to make our children, all of us, the best humans that we can be. (Read More)

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Devolution and the myth of Westminster control?

Since coming to power in 2007, the SNP has placed great emphasis on quality primary education as a defining factor in shaping the lifelong prospects of children. Yet in the run-up to the Scottish referendum, it’s a curious anomaly that neither the Better Together or Yes Campaign have challenged for their advantage the widespread assumption that Scottish education has always been run by Westminster. (Read More)