Higher Education: Is Social Mobility working?

19/02/2017 Ferdusi Jahan

“I graduated in the summer of 2016, now while my student experience was absolutely fantastic; just a seconds thought about my £27,000 plus student debt is enough to make me feel nauseous. Coming from a working-class family, choosing Higher Education was incredibly daunting, I don’t even think my parents had £9000 in hand to claim their own. University felt like my only option, I needed a degree; if I wanted a successful career and to break my barriers, I had to obtain a degree and I’m so glad I did.” (Read More)

'Theresa May' by DonkeyHotey

Is May barking up the wrong tree?

15/08/2016 Anita Vigneswaran

From Britain’s Home Secretary to Britain’s second female Prime Minister, Theresa May has entered 10 Downing Street with a few radical plans up her sleeve, one of which is repealing Tony Blair’s 1998 ban on creating new grammar schools. (Read More)

'Chess' / Dustin Gaffke

Why teaching is a great analogy for the state

07/07/2016 Alastair Stewart

‘Of all the analogies ever put to paper on the nature of ‘the state’, the teaching environment seems to be the least obvious one. Yet that overlooks one of the sharpest, even if it does lack the romantic imagery of a ‘leviathan’ or hypothetical power plays with red phones.’ (Read More)

Photograph: Pexels

The struggling student

09/06/2016 Caroline Hibbs

If students were more outspoken about their struggles at university and how much the costs affect them, more would speak out about the rise in fees. The rise in fees might be needed to fund universities, however, it will have catastrophic effects on the next generation of students. (Read More)

'Books are power' / CC

Why do we not export curricula like we do weapons?

21/09/2015 Alastair Stewart

Mass funded teacher exchange programmes, international conferences, pooled resources – all of it should achieve national attention as an optimistic and positive pursuit. Education should not only appear on the news when there’s a strike or a government debate, but as a regular policy crusade engaged in internationally to make our children, all of us, the best humans that we can be. (Read More)

'Scottish Parliament' / Andrew Cowan / CC

Devolution and the myth of Westminster control

25/06/2014 Alastair Stewart

Since coming to power in 2007, the SNP has placed great emphasis on quality primary education as a defining factor in shaping the lifelong prospects of children. Yet in the run-up to the Scottish referendum, it’s a curious anomaly that neither the Better Together or Yes Campaign have challenged for their advantage the widespread assumption that Scottish education has always been run by Westminster. (Read More)