Is Captain Corelli’s Mandolin deserving of canonical status?

However, the portrayal of Mandras as the “…savage/brute”, from the perspective of the third-person, is disingenuous and not as impartial as we would think. The portrayal of Mandras here reflects not an example of authorial ‘craftsmanship’, but rather a symbol of De Bernières’ anti-Communist sentiment. This is arguably where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin falls short of deserving canonical status.

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Ravan Kiani: The Ex-Muslim Poet

“Ravan Kiani encourages people of multifaith and non-faith to explore the intricacies of what it means to lose everything when you reject god. Having attracted more than 400 followers, the account requires much more support in its message of inclusivity, love, human rights and civil liberty.” (Read More)

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Is Brighton Rock a true ‘detective’ novel?

It can be said that Greene’s Brighton Rock subverts more than it does conform to the essence of a detective novel. After all, by its nature as a ‘howdunnit’, there is very little in the way of conventional detection, and in many respects, it is the reader rather than a protagonist who is invited to investigate through the act of ‘reading’. (Read More)