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Montpellier: Why it out-sexes Paris

20/07/2017 Annie Maddison

Listen up, mesdames et messieurs: it is time to rethink your plans for a romantic getaway in Paris. Madness, you say? Just hear me out – I’ve been there, lived there and would happily give away the old T-shirt. (Read More)

Art, Design & Photography

Donald Trump and Theresa May’s ‘special relationship’ has been turned into NSFW street art

24/04/2017 Alastair Stewart

“Young people have never even more isolated, and some are lashing out. Street art represents an immutable reaction against a political class that doesn’t want to listen, a voting system that is flawed and a society that feels angrier than ever in a generation. It is no coincidence that these montages are so often graphic in their depiction and so publicly displayed.”
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