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Ben Carson: The man who would be king

Tagged by GQ as ‘a hero to black America’ (we’ve heard that one before), Carson is a classic example of the quintessential American dream. To his supporters, Carson typifies the sort of social mobility of which conservatives are so fond. Singlehandedly, as apparently those from the lowest social strata must, Carson dragged himself from childhood poverty to professional fame. Carson’s story is certainly a truly remarkable one, and on paper, he is a truly remarkable man. Yet, in putting himself forward for the role of leader of the free world, it is his political credentials that deserve our considered attention. (Read More)

Photograph: 'Views of Jerusalem' / Flickr
Middle East

Bye-bye Bibi, Bibi bye-bye?

March 17th is the day of reckoning for Benjamin Netanyahu, a man who polarises the Israeli electorate like no other. In under two weeks time there remains a possibility that the world will wake to the political obituary of Israel’s second longest-serving prime minister. (Read More)