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Anti-Semitism: The disease that never died

There was a naive thought after the Holocaust that anti-Semitism would never return or if it did it would only be present in the margins of society. Unfortunately as recent anti-Semitic incidents in the UK have shown this never happened. My paper for Parliament Street as part of our contribution to the latest inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism into how anti-Semitism is affected by the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians shows that anti-Semitism has just mutated into new forms. In the way it has mutated, it has grown like a bacteria eating at the fabric of British society. (Read More)


Christians in Turkey – A sad story that needs telling

When we talk about the terrible persecution of Christians, we often talk about Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt, as it hits us especially hard considering we could be seeing the extinction of Christianity in its birthplace. The one country we ignore in all this, despite its move towards an authoritarian version of Islamism that is hostile towards Christianity under Tayyip Erdogan is Turkey. This needs to be addressed, because sadly the life of Christians in Turkey is the opposite of sweetness and light. (Read More)

Photograph: 'Views of Jerusalem' / Flickr
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Letter to the London Jewish News and the Jewish Chronicle: The Israeli election

Dear Sir,

The Israeli election showed the vibrancy of Israel’s democracy, which as a Zionist I am incredibly proud of. However, I was dismayed by Binyamin Netanyahu’s comments towards Israeli Arabs, where he complained about the high turnout from Israeli Arabs, as some sort of leftist conspiracy that right-wing voters must counteract. Mr Netanyahu, it was an example of democracy in action, where minorities, unlike in the countries surrounding Israel, have the right to vote. (Read More)