#EkehFaheh15 – Maldives May Day Protest

Protests have been taking place across Maldives today in support of ousted former President Mohamed Nasheed. Dissident journalist and long term opponent of the authoritarian government which ruled the Pacific island nation, Nasheed was recently sentenced to 13 years in prison on terrorism charges. (Read More)

Environment & Energy

Climate change terrorism: A threat in the future?

When the history of the early 21st century is written it will likely tell of a single day as the fateful turning point. 9/11 will be recorded as the point when the ‘war on terror’ was launched in earnest, unleashing untold havoc across the world. With its vacuously intoxicating allure the war on terror has torn resources from other pressing issues globally and for the last 15 years the ‘war on terror’ has absorbed so much of our attention that little else has managed to squeeze itself on to the agenda. Military budgets have ballooned and the bombing of foreign countries has become common practice in disregard to international law. (Read More)

History & Philosophy

To understand federalism’s future, we must look to the past

From the cyclical nature of history we can learn a lot. In our current turbulent political atmosphere we may look to historical antecedents for knowledge and wisdom. As the general election looms ever closer on the horizon and the political arguments take shape one issue will ever present in the mind of Scottish voters whether they were in the Yes or No camp, that is the promise of ‘near federalism’ by Westminster officials. This is the story of a struggle for federalism from which we may gain some insight. (Read More)

History & Philosophy

Scotland’s Empire in the Sun

A current of thought amongst contemporary historians follows that empires have a life span. Like living organisms they grow, mature and begin to decay in a natural and seemingly inevitable process of decline. This has proven true for the greatest empires known to the world – Rome, Egypt, Spain, Britain and perhaps America today. (Read More)

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UK Politics

Why are we not talking about drugs this election?

Jamaica has set the wheels in motion to bring about the legalisation of the medical marijuana industry. The move is yet another change in the direction of global drug policy that raises the question, in the run up to the 2015 General Election, of why we aren’t discussing legalisation at home. (Read More)

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UK Politics

Is British politics in crisis?

British politics entered 2015 battered and bruised. With only a few months until the General Election, it is widely acknowledged that nobody really knows what to expect. What is certain is that democracy in the UK is entering into a period of crisis. It is a crisis that can be viewed from two perspectives – those on the outside of the political bubble and those on the inside. (Read More)

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World Politics

The Global Politics of Development Funding

When you think of development aid what comes to mind? Is it helping someone in an impoverished country, probably Africa if you live in the UK, find access to water, food or adequate shelter? Or is it vote rigging, corruption and power politics? You would have to be some kind of cynic to think the latter, the kind of person who decries Bob Geldof and Live Aid. (Read More)

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Latin America

A History of Hypocrisy: The US and Operation Condor

The camp [Guantanamo Bay] has become a symbol of the moral decline of the US in its pursuit of terrorists around the globe. Now home to around 130 detainees, it held more than 800 during President George W. Bush’s reign. Subjected to torture and denied their human rights, prisoners continue to be denied the right to a trial at the hands of the US Government. (Read More)

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon TV interview / Scottish Government / CC

Will Scotland prove to be the Kingmaker?

In little over 4 months, Britain will go to the polls in the most eagerly anticipated General Election in recent memory. As margins go it will be a tightly run. Every single seat will count; incumbents of previously ‘safe’ seats will be looking over their shoulders nervously. Nowhere more so than Scotland, where the stakes are incredibly high as the result may well determine the makeup of the next UK Government. (Read More)