How the traditional media harms our politics

“We need to think carefully about how we stage our conversations if we are to get the most out of them. At present, our practices fail to provide a suitable stage for the questions we want answering. Short form debate has its advantages but it’s restrictive and conducive to a tribalistic simplicity.” (Read More)


What is the Alt Right?

“What then is the Alt-Right? This is still a difficult question to answer. It is unclear if the Alt-Right themselves are even sure as to what constitutes their core beliefs, especially with regard to specific policy prescriptions. They remain, despite the widespread hysteria, a movement in their infancy retaining only a single guiding conviction. A desire to form a white ethnostate.” (Read More)

World Politics

The Breakdown of Our Political Discourse

“If you are to truly believe that your political opposition is composed of bad actors with evil motivations then you effectively disqualify any chance of even starting a conversation in good faith. The attribution of unscrupulous motives to somebody is not to simply say that they are wrong, but that they could in fact never be right” (Read More)