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Empty Cradle: Are we facing a global fertility time bomb?

“The American poet (of Scotch descent) William Ross Wallace wrote the poem The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World. Although Wallace lived in the first half of the nineteenth century, at a time when population was still rising in Europe, and did not have demography in mind, his paean to motherhood should remind us, today, that countries with empty cradles become the ruled not the rulers. ” (Read More)

US & Canada

Clinton Compares Herself to Winston Churchill

“Hillary Clinton likened herself to Winston Churchill as a “polarizing” figure in an interview with the British newspaper, the Guardian, this week. In trying to walk back her statement she said, ‘I mean, I’m not comparing myself, but I’m just saying people said that but he was right about Hitler, and a lot of people in England were wrong. And Churchill was a pain. He kept popping up all the time'” (Read More)