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The Space Force: Would You Like To Know More?

“President Trump is essentially viewing space as another area for the American hegemon to exert its influence as it has done over the land, sea and air at least since World War Two. As he said himself it’s a “warfighting domain” and this has been the case for some time.” (Read More)


Scottish Nationalism: A Movement Bereft of Ideas?

“A lesson that many independence supporters failed to heed from 2014 is that being able to mobilise tens of thousands of already engaged people (some zealously so) might look good for a modicum of publicity, but it doesn’t necessarily conflate with political clout or persuasion” (Read More)

Arts & Culture

The Return To Morrowind

“Morrowind has a rich atmosphere stuffed with cultural diversity, history and a sense of place. An often alien world, unlike many other RPGs since; the foreign strangeness of the land is palpable. Wizards live in giant mushrooms that they have magically nurtured and have carved homes from. Middle Eastern, Japanese, and nomadic cultures are also prominent in the visuals, ranging from the architecture to the armour design” (Read More)

Science & Technology

I Want the Future Back

But I still want my positive, teenage, view of the future back. Perhaps the notion that we are living at the ‘end of history’ has jaded many of us? Perhaps the small black mirror that we have in our hands is draining us of so much mental energy that we no longer bother to gaze up at the stars anymore and instead prefer the ethereal world that we have at our fingertips? (Read More)


Sic Transit Gloria Bantz

“I utterly despise banter. Not the humorous conversation between people you are familiar with, which is the traditional and proper definition of the term ‘banter’ at least as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary. The sort of pleasant, light-hearted and time-limited back and forth between family, friends and colleagues that can often produce happy memories or progress the working day to its glorious end” (Read More)

Environment & Energy

Natural Isn’t Always Better

“But make no mistake. Nature wants you dead. Has always wanted you dead, and without our modern ‘unnatural’ medicine and health measures there is a significant chance that you would be.” (Read More)


Is Alex Salmond an unwitting Russian stooge?

With the former First Minister of Scotland starting a new career as a talk show host on the Kremlin-backed news channel, RT, the author discusses why those from the left have an unusual obsession with Russia and why Alex Salmond is ignoring Britsh history as well as embarrassing Scotland. (Read More)

World Politics

You are not oppressed

This article deals with the difference between oppression and prejudice. Many people now claim to be oppressed now but are rather suffering from prejudice from a tiny minority of their fellow citizens. As a result, many people have a ‘victim mentality’ which isn’t really justified. (Read More)


Confessions of a Shy Tory

“I can assure you it takes more than money as well. You need to deeply change a culture and foster an atmosphere of individual responsibility and initiative in people. The only party that seems to mention responsibility is the Conservatives now, who have the word 11 times in their 2017 manifesto compared with 7 for Labour. A very crude measure, but like I say, much of this is just general feeling from the different parties.” (Read More)


Summer Is Coming

The short humorous article lists the authors’ reasons for why, contrary to popular opinion, summer is actually a massive conspiracy that we are all too scared to say we dislike. (Read More)

Arts & Culture

The problem with the 8th generation

This article discusses the issues that have beset the 8th generation of computer gaming. The lack of console hard drive space, large mandatory game patches and a perceptible lack of innovation, have all led to an insipid generation of consoles and games, not drastically different from the generation before. (Read More)

'Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C.' by Gage Skidmore
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The surprise election of President Trump

With the recent election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency, this article briefly discusses some of the factors behind his successful election, what we can glean from his statements so far and why his election doesn’t spell the end of the American republic. (Read More)

World Politics

Winter is Coming. Hurrah!!

Summer seems to get all the attention from the media these days. But what about the autumn and winter? This short, humorous article lists some of the authours favorite things about the more maligned of the seasons in no particular order, that should hopefully help you appreciate the autumn and winter a bit more. (Read More)

'Saltire' / Julien Ortet / CC

What next for Scottish nationalism?

This short article discusses the fact that Scottish nationalists have not had the ‘summer of love’ that they had anticipated. With the divisive legacy of the 2014 referendum still raw, bad economic news and the failure of a significant ‘Brexit’ bounce they may face an uphill struggle in the short to medium term. Even their party leader has had to acknowledge this fact and state that Scottish independence now transcends economic considerations and that the Scottish people may not be better off financially post-independence. (Read More)

'Donald Trump' by Cage Skidmore / CC
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The appeal of Donald Trump

This short article discusses the appeal of Donald Trump to many in America. It argues that this is predominantly down to two main reasons. One, his lack of establishment credentials and secondly his policies mark a return to the prominence of the nation state after decades of globalisation. (Read More)

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon TV interview / Scottish Government / CC

Not the Scotland I want to see

In my relativity short life, I have witnessed Scotland go from a stoic, sensible nation, where politics was based on the traditional left-right ideology and people made decisions based on economic and social evidence, to a place where large swathes of the population would vote for a party that’s primary aim would cause them grave, long-lasting, deep economic harm and social uncertainty, but yet would happily dismiss anything that counters this view. Any contrary evidence is just debunked as the work of the “establishment” or “Wastemonster” or “quisling politicians.”
(Read More)