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5 Foodie Reads for the Weekend

TGIF. Whilst it’s been a short week for us in the UK, the hot weather has made commuting particularly difficult. Here’s 5 foodie things to read with a glass of wine to get you excited about what you’re going to cook and drink this weekend. (Read More)

'Food for the weekend' / CC

Review: Polpo (Maiden Lane Branch) / London

When looking in London for a restaurant that isn’t hugely expensive and is possible to get into without booking there’s quite a few options to go from. Admittedly turning up at 6.30pm helps, but we walked into Polpo, (the Maiden Lane branch) and were shown straight to a table – we did pick the time just right though as shortly after a standing room only queue formed which I suspect was there for the rest of the night. (Read More)


Review: Truth, Lies, Diana

‘Truth, Lies Diana is a ‘factional’ drama containing sensational new information about the death of Princess Diana presented in a thrilling unique theatrical format.

With meticulous forensic research, revelations from previously silent sources and access to Police witness statements and court transcripts, the nine handed performance uses the actual words spoken by a cast of characters including James Hewitt, Piers Morgan, Paul Burrell, Mohammed Al Fayed, members of MI6, witnesses to Diana’s crash, and the British Royal Family.’ (Read More)