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The EU debate you really should consider

With the EU referendum approaching thick and fast, we have to look at the less publicised factors of leaving, or in fact staying in the EU. With our media dominated by economical and fear factors of terrorism and migration, we forget the consumer, cultural, environmental and innovation benefits of the EU that shape everyday life. Many of these forgotten factors are taken for granted and we do not look into the origins of those benefits brought forward by the continent (Read More)


The toxic split of the Conservatives: Iain Duncan Smith resigns

Mr Duncan Smith has seemingly sided with Mr Corbyn saying the Budget “benefits higher earning taxpayers”. Within his resignation letter he announced he could see them as defensible terms but only narrowly, “but they are not defensible in the way they were placed within a budget that benefits higher earning taxpayers”. He in the past has sympathised with some budget cuts to the welfare system due to the last Labour government which made difficult cuts necessary.
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