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The future challenge of climate change refugees

Are we currently fully aware of and prepared for the issues that could arise over the next decade due to climate change? It could be argued that there is a lack of awareness of the impacts of climate change in remote subsistence communities around the world and also a lack of preparedness within global policy that needs to be addressed in order to mitigate the issues that could arise through a climate change influenced refugee crisis in the coming years.

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Climate change and farming in the Indian Himalayas – Photo Essay

As the issue of climate change has increasingly severe impacts around the world, many communities will be adversely effected. Perhaps on of the most severely effected will be remote subsistence communities that rely on glacial melt water for irrigation. Many of these communities can be found in Ladakh: a high altitude desert region nestled in the center of the Indian Himalayas. (Read More)

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Steps towards more sustainable tourism

With the holiday season underway, thousands of Brits will be travelling to a variety of foreign destinations; some heading to cities and resorts and some travelling to much more remote destinations. Wherever we go, our role as tourists has the potential to impact and accentuate serious issues facing the countries we visit. Whilst travel offers a fantastic opportunity to switch off from the intensity of work and studying, are we staying switched on to the full impact of our actions abroad? (Read More)

Environment & Energy

Conservation and Global Citizenship: Volcanic Hazards in Tanzania

In the summer of 2015 I was part of a geological expedition team who travelled to Northwest Tanzania to study the unique and unusual lavas of the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano. As the sole geographer on the team, I conducted several interviews with members of the local Maasai community. Through hearing about their lifestyle, I soon realised that we need to move beyond the blanket term of conservation to consider the wider interconnections of the people, wildlife and landscapes we are trying to protect. (Read More)