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Word Counts

We typically have two types of article, review and analysis.

Articles, on a general basis, fall into three brackets of 400, 800 and 1200-1500 words. Anything beyond this should be agreed upon with the editor. 400 words are a snapshot of an issue, an instant reaction to news or an opinion to a current event. 800 words are an overview or a breakdown of a particular issue. 1200-1500 are in-depth analysis of a theme or topic.

Reviews are anywhere between 400 – 800 words, perhaps longer if it’s considering, say, a television series as a whole compared to a single episode. Additionally, if it is longer, we would ask it be capped at a maximum of 1200 words.

Obvious exceptions to this include poetry, fiction and personal reflective pieces.

As a rule of thumb, working to a word limit is the best way to ensure succinctness. We try to enforce word counts as typically any more than 1200 words might be better split into two, perhaps three, articles to maximise readers’ interests.

Using Images

DARROW operates a Creative Commons policy.

All images on DARROW must have the permission of the author for republishing or be permitted for ‘commercial use’ to be compliant with copyright law. This is identified by ‘CC’ on some of the websites listed below.

‘Featured images’ must be assigned by the author or the editor will do so.

If you use images in your articles, they must be your own or from the following sources only and attributed as required to ensure copyright compliance. Full-width images must be 1034 x 450.

General Sources

When using general sources, be sure to select ‘advanced options’ and search for ‘commercial use allowed’.

Free Sources


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Having the tools to help you write is often just as important as writing itself. We’ve put together our top list of free tools that have helped our writers get the best out of their writing:


This has been advertised a lot on YouTube lately. It is totally worth the attention, providing a free browser integrated grammar and spell checker. It’s superior to all spell checks we’ve seen and it provides an easy to use pop-out screen to make edits and to see alternative word choices. You can also put documents through its desktop counterpart. An absolute must-have.


Another browser integrated application which lets you highlight, edit and clip some or all of a website to a desktop app. The best way to research a topic and have the information to hand later.


A sister of Evernote, Skitch is an image clipper that lets you do full or custom screen grabs. It’s a real time saver to help make pictures the exact dimensions to accompany your articles.