Editorial Team

Davd Bone
David is a graduate of the University of Stirling and holds a BA (Hons) in politics. Since graduating he has been employed in the third sector. His writing interests include Scottish and British politics, international relations, ideologies and megatrends.
Alastair Stewart
Founder & Editor
Alastair Stewart is a freelance writer, journalist, and teacher based in Edinburgh and Almería. He regularly writes about politics, history, and culture for magazines across Europe. Alastair founded DARROW in 2013 to support new and emerging writing talent in Scotland around the world.

Our Writers

Alastair Stewart 260 Articles

Alastair Stewart is a freelance writer, journalist, and teacher based in Edinburgh and Almería. He regularly writes about politics, history, and culture for magazines across Europe.

He was formerly a press officer at the Scottish Parliament. He graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in International Relations.

Alastair founded DARROW in 2013 to support new and emerging writing talent in Scotland around the world.

Christine Lawler 42 Articles
Christine has a passion for literature and has been a closeted writer since childhood. Other passions include theatre, film, and all things geeky. She lives in Glasgow with a cat named Molls and a tortoise named Haruki Kabuki.
John Lindberg 32 Articles
John Lindberg is a former policy adviser to Sir Jamie McGrigor MSP and a self-declared science geek. His main interests are energy and environmental issues, with a burning passion for nuclear power. He recently graduated with a First from the University of Glasgow, MA (Hons) in Politics.
Paul Levy 29 Articles
Paul Levy is a writer, a facilitator, senior researcher at the University of Brighton, founder of FringeReview, and author of the book Digital Inferno, published in 2014 by Clairview Books.
David Bone 25 Articles
David is a graduate of the University of Stirling and holds a BA (Hons) in politics. Since graduating he has been employed in the third sector. His writing interests include Scottish and British politics, international relations, ideologies and megatrends.
Gabriela Bernal 23 Articles
Gabriela Bernal is interested in politics, international relations, and terrorism. She is pursuing a degree in political science and plans on pursuing her postgraduate studies in the U.K. She likes to write, read, play tennis, travel, and learn new languages.
Oliver Murphy 23 Articles
Oliver is currently an A-Level Politics student. He is also a contributory writer, campaigner for MakeVotesMatter and Media Manager for DARROW. His work focuses on British politics, contemporary political events and European politics. Supplementing this is a passion for Literature and History.
Tanya Newton 11 Articles
After studying English Language and Literature at King’s College London, Tanya moved to Japan where she teaches English. She loves to read and write, and loves tea almost as much. She is strongly interested in cultures and social structures.
Sean Mowbray 9 Articles
Sean is a History & International Relations graduate from the University of Dundee. He blogs on a number of political issues and writes short stories in his spare time. A lover of travel, he is always counting down the days until the next adventure begins.
William Hingley 9 Articles
William is a Geography graduate at Aberystwyth University, currently studying for an MA in Regional and Environmental Policy. Will is also a passionate environmentalist with a keen interest in UK political affairs.
Alex Beck 8 Articles
Alex is a history student from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is of German-Iranian descent and has written about foreign policy analysis and strategic studies.
Graham Paterson 8 Articles
Graham Paterson was born in Scotland and is still growing up there. He was educated in England and has never quite got over it. There is no known liberal cause at which his knee does not twitch. He has a favourite word in Scots, which we cannot print.
Chris Holdsworth 8 Articles
My writing interests spawn from my studies in Earth Sciences. The natural world fascinates and amazes me, but engaging and involving others in science is my greatest passion because of the ever-growing need for interest and understanding of the natural world.
Luke Humphrey 8 Articles
Luke is currently studying International Development at the University of Leeds. He is interested in development, environmental affairs as well as having a keen interest in British politics and writing music reviews and features for blogs and newspapers.
Adam Kelvin Fletcher 7 Articles
Adam is a freelance writer and journalist focusing on politics, international affairs and sports. He has a first class MSc in Political Science and currently works within Scottish politics. ​
Amy Cools 7 Articles
Amy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy with an emphasis on Applied Ethics and Law from Sacramento State University and writes about practical philosophy and the history of ideas.
Cameron Mackay 7 Articles
Cameron is a Geography student at the University of Glasgow. A keen researcher and communicator on environmental issues, he has joined and organised expeditions to Greenland, the Himalayas and Tanzania with the hope of engaging more people with the challenges facing our planet.
Hugh Andrew 7 Articles
Managing Director of the Scottish publishing house Birlinn Limited.
Stephen Sacco 7 Articles
Stephen Sacco grew up in New York and California and ​holds degrees from NYU and Columbia University. A former journalist, he writes and lives in St Andrews, where he's studying for a PhD. He is also trying to understand this strange form of football that allows you to use your feet.
Josh Quigley 6 Articles
After surviving a suicide attempt in May 2015, Josh Quigley is now a social entrepreneur cycling the world as The Tartan Explorer to raise awareness about mental health. The Tartan Explorer will be cycling to over 75 countries on 6 continents on May 26th 2016.
Daniel Hewett 6 Articles
I am fascinated by controversial and difficult topics. My articles try to be good-faith examinations of why any given idea can seem beautiful to one person and noxious to another. To this effect, I will always try my best to offer a fresh perspective and a balanced outlook.
Charlie Smoothy 6 Articles
Charlie is a University of Leeds Politics graduate, currently working in the heart of British Politics.
Ross Graham 5 Articles
Ross Graham's hometown is a tie between the cultural city of Edinburgh, the rural county of Shropshire and the vibrant Hong Kong. He graduated from Queen Margaret University in Film & Media. He fights crime by day at the office and is an avid watcher of science fiction.
Rodaidh McLaughlin 5 Articles
Rodaidh is a Politics & History graduate from the University of Stirling who takes a particular interest in political philosophy and European history.
Luke Murphy 5 Articles
Luke is an experienced and enthusiastic writer. He has a background in sports features writing and is now focusing his efforts on political and cultural issues.
Angelika Majchrowska 5 Articles
Angelika is a contributing writer and writes about politics, law and current affairs. She has a Master of Law in Corporate and Commercial Law, and a Master in European Public Law and Governance. She is particularly interested in privacy, data protection and cyberlaw. She is a paralegal at Sterling Lawyers and deals with immigration and employment law.
Luke Osborne 5 Articles
Luke Osborne is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in politics at the university of Kent. He has a keen interest in the politics of the European Union, identity and multiculturalism.
Chris Cresswell 4 Articles
Chris holds a BA Hons and an MA in Theatre Practice and he is currently researching a PhD in Clown. He has been a performer and director in circus theatre (Ra Ra Zoo), film and TV for over 30 years. He is currently an associate lecturer at Chichester University and AELFA academy.
Philip Horey 4 Articles
Philip Horey attended the University of Edinburgh. During his studies he spent his summers on fieldwork in Cyprus, and served in the military as a reservist. He graduated with an MA (Hons) in Archaeology, with a specific interest in classics and ancient history.
Kallum Corke 4 Articles
Kallum Corke is a filmmaker, writer and visual artist whose varied creative output is chiefly concerned with issues of social justice, politics, arts and culture.
Samuel Marc Evans 4 Articles
LLB Law student and political enthusiast! Likes to rant about politics.
Lloyd Allen 4 Articles
I am an Undergraduate Politics and International Relations student interested in the Middle East and UK politics. I am also a keen Squash player and keep up to date on the latest news and events within the World Tour.
Kenny Stewart 4 Articles
Kenny Stewart is a public affairs, communications and policy person with particular interests in human rights, social justice, politics and sport. He was able to combine the latter two as Government Relations Manager at the Organising Committee of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Saiedeh Naeini 4 Articles
Saiedeh Naeini (Sai Naeini) Member of the Council of Ex-Muslims and the Organising Committee for the International Conference on Free Expression and Conscience. Disclaimer: Posts are not representative of the Council of Ex-Muslims. These are my own opinions. BA. English/History of Art. University of York. MA. Culture and Thought after 1945. University of York. MA English Studies: Literature, Language, Culture. Free University of Berlin. Feminist and atheist. Fluent in Farsi, English and German.
Sean Mclaughlan 4 Articles
Sean is an M.A (Hons) Politics graduate from the University of Glasgow and currently serves as a delegate to the STUC Youth Committee and as Chair of Unite the Union's Scottish Youth Committee . His interests include British and Scottish politics/social affairs.
John Lang 4 Articles
John is an experienced communciations professional, who has worked on a number of Scottish and UK political campaigns, as well as a variety of roles across the energy sector.
Olivia Beer 3 Articles
I work in an International Affairs think tank and have a strong interest in politics, UK foreign policy and the MENA region.
Rob Marrs 3 Articles
Rob Marrs is a policy advisor in the legal sector in Scotland. He is a constitutional geek, a keen debater and a hopelessly devoted Liverpool fan.
Hannah Tayab 3 Articles
I am 19 years old and an aspiring lawyer. I love writing, especially about current affairs.
Matthew Cooper 3 Articles
Matthew Cooper is a University of Bath alumnus with a BSc in Politics and International Relations. He intends to take his love for writing further by actively pursuing a career in journalism or content writing.
Caroline Hibbs 3 Articles
Caroline has a masters in human rights and global ethics and an undergraduate degree is in history. Her interests are mostly history and politics. At the end of her studies she hopes to work for a charity, NGO or political organisation.
William Campbell 3 Articles
William studied at the University of Glasgow and graduated MA (Hons) Political Science. He has experience working in roles related to criminal justice in Scotland and is interested in International Relations and political philosophy.
Stephen Hoffman 3 Articles
Stephen Hoffman currently works in public affairs. He is an active member of the Conservative Party and Parliament Street’s Director of Middle East Studies. He has previously worked as the Campaigns Officer for the Zionist Federation.
Sam Black 3 Articles
Samantha Black recently completed her MA in Modern British and European History from Oxford University. Her field of interest is memory theory, intercultural dialogue and the history of international relations with a focus on Europe in the mid-20th century.
Robert Glynn 3 Articles
I'm a political junkie; an artistic addict; and culture pervert. Just another disaffected millennial who loves everything.
Christian Payne 3 Articles
A second-year student of philosophy, politics, and economics. Interests include developments in British and American politics and political thought as well as developments in the global economy.
Isabel Martins 2 Articles
I am a 21 year old student studying Politics at the University of Surrey
Nico Grant Kidd 2 Articles
Nico recently graduated from the Univeristy of Sussex, studying Geopolitics and Global Goverment. He is particularly interested in the Post-Soviet world as well as European Politics. His other hobbies include reading literature and playing sport.
Richard Thieriot 2 Articles
From NYC comes a darkly comic guide for brothers everywhere: how to teach, protect and permanently traumatise each other. All (almost) techniques applicable to Sisterhood. Free beer for siblings who come to the show together!
Gem Sofianos 2 Articles
Gem used to co-run a family business before embarking on a career as a journalist. She takes a keen interest in business and politics.
Allan Nixon 2 Articles
Writer, political enthusiast and contributing writer on DARROW
Andrew writes about theatre, politics, and other cultural areas. A drama graduate, he is keenly interested in the links between politics and performance in contemporary Britain and Scotland.
Ethan Sloan-Dennison 2 Articles
Ethan is a Politics graduate currently working as a canvasser. He enjoys writing about British Politics but also takes an interest in events across the world too. As well as Politics, Ethan also likes to contribute some content concerning film.
Stephen Mallet 2 Articles
Intelligent scepticism is never an overrated characteristic within modernity. I'm a Politics and International Relations student at Royal Holloway and a freelance writer. I take an interest in a variety of topics, mostly concerning political philosophy and contemporary political affairs. An advocate of critical thinking who prizes analysing the normal and justifying the non-existent.
Chris Pluck 2 Articles
A former teacher and now a consultant, since university I have missed getting my thoughts down on paper. I am an avid follower of politics and the arts. I live to read.
Idrees Sarwar 2 Articles
Idrees is a Politics and International studies student at the University of Warwick currently living in Canada.
Callum Maher 2 Articles
Callum is a political activist and member of the Liberal Democrats. He has served as a school governor and a panel member on the Young Voices radio show. His interests include the EU, economics, the environment and welfare.
Anita Vigneswaran 2 Articles
I am a student of the University of Kent and I am now going into my third, and final year of my degree. I study Sociology with Politics. In my spare time I like to blog, especially about current affairs.
Alan Grant 2 Articles
Alan is an Edinburgh-based writer with an interest in popular culture, lifestyle, media, politics, and humour and an abhorrence of cliche.
Sam Julius 2 Articles
Sam Julius has a degree in Politics from University College London. He's studying for an Msc in International Relations at the London School of Economics. His interests include the regional International Relations of the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific, as well as the British Labour Party.
Alan Graham 2 Articles
Alan attended Queen Margaret University and holds a BA (Hons) in Drama and Performance. He is a fan of film, TV, video games, comic books and generally anything involving sitting down. Ironically, he is also a stand-up comedian.
Lewis Wotherspoon 2 Articles
Lewis is a M.A (Hons) Politics graduate from the University of Dundee. His interests include politics, industrial history and brutalism.
daleypolitics 2 Articles
I am a Scottish Independence activist and politics graduate from Stirling. I enjoy all things politics, be that Scottish, UK and abroad. I enjoy travelling and talking to people with different political perspectives from myself.
Mitchell Foyle-York 2 Articles
Mitchell is a freelance journalist, mental health activist, aspiring author and former political researcher (specialising in economics and sociology).
Alexander Soltanahmadi 2 Articles
Alexander studied History at the University of Hull and later moved to Germany where he work as an English Language Assistant for the British Council. His interests include different cultures, political news, and languages.
Andrew Tromans 2 Articles
Writer, aspiring social and political researcher.

DARROW is Scotland’s dedicated forum for more than 200 up and coming writers. We offer a spectrum of intelligent analysis on the arts, politics and more.

Our magazine works predominantly with 16-35-year-olds to give them the tools they need to share their ideas, hone their craft and thrive as writers, journalists, and storytellers.

Matthew Murray 2 Articles
Matthew recently graduated with an MSc in Public Policy and Management from the University of Glasgow. He has a keen interest in Scottish politics and the policy making process. His other passion is attempting to climb all the Munros in Scotland.
Max Gwynne 2 Articles
Modern History/Politics/International Relations Writer.
Charles Maxwell 2 Articles
Writer & political consultant.
Priya Surendra 2 Articles
Master’s graduate in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from Kings College London. Relationship builder, articulate in speech with a flair for research and writing. Well-developed analytical skills and tackles issues originally.
Suzy Pope 1 Article
Suzy is a qualified wordsmith with an MSc in Creative Writing. She works with international collections at a research library. As well as being a cycling, railway and street-food enthusiast, for fun she reads guidebooks to places she may never visit.
Emma Flood 1 Article
Emma Flood graduated from the University of Glasgow with a First Class Honours degree in Law and now works for Curated Media, the legal content specialists, as creative content expert and content strategist. Her writing interests include legal issues, Scottish politics and women's issues.
Michael Grieve 1 Article
Michael is a Kirkcaldy man, and recent English graduate from the University of St Andrews. He improvises as part of Blind Mirth; writes poems, sketches, and standup; and has a dog.
John Oluwadare 1 Article
A Political Consultant, Analyst and Commentator.
Pelican Comedy 1 Article
Pelican are an exciting young comedy company formed by Gaulier-trained ex-Footlights Sam, Jordan and Guy. We blend intelligent sketch-based comedy with clowning and physical theatre to create shows with a real sense of liveness.
aemac01 1 Article
I am a postgraduate student studying International Security a the University of Dundee with a particular focus on Russia. I am utterly obsessed with history, international affairs and (observing) sport.
Darren Pike 1 Article
Darren Pike is an experienced charity fundraiser and presently works for Garvald in Edinburgh.
Jack Lee 1 Article
Jack is currently studying History at the University of Sheffield. He is looking to go into the research field hoping to study International Security and Terrorism. A marathon runner, Jack enjoys football, politics and brewing craft beer.
Pat Pandey 1 Article
Pat Pandey is a gentleman and a scholar from the school of life. An avid film buff, he likes his films like he enjoys his whisky: old, classy and enjoyed by Don Draper.
William Mendoza 1 Article
I am an international politics graduate from the University of Aberystwyth. I am passionate about politics and aim to help build a better future for the UK. I love music, football and play squash.
Thomas Nugent 1 Article
I am an aspiring journalist who enjoys writing about the arts and politics. I also have an unhealthy addiction to coffee, or 'journalist fuel'.
Henry Padden 1 Article
Security, politics and philosophy graduate writing on these topics
Michaela Watters 1 Article
Conservative-Christian-Teacher-Thinker(not necessarily in that order) and a lover of all things political and caffeinated.
John Webster 1 Article
Contact me about national and international politics and about political and military history.
Amontillado 1 Article
I am "a poet to a T". There is no time in my life that I remember when I did not want to write. A troubled student of a postgrad creative writing programme, I revel in the tormented existence of an aspiring writer and have written for newspapers and magazines. I enjoy caustic humour, witty articles and beautiful verses.
Neil Cardwell 1 Article
Neil Cardwell works in PR and media relations in the professional services sector. Prior to that, he worked in the Scottish Parliament and politics. Not quite retired from the campaign trail, Neil has particular interests in political communications and US politics.
Katie Kopajtic 1 Article
Actor, writer, producer. Potter nerd. Passionate about fighting with longswords. Adopt your pets!
Gordon Barclay 1 Article
Gordon Barclay was born in Aberdeen and took both his degrees in archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. He writes mainly on the archaeology and history of 20th-century defence in Scotland. He has also written on the deleterious effects of the use of archetypal English national identities and landscapes on the writing of 'British' prehistory.
Alan & Kallum 1 Article
Alan and Kallum are the eponymous co-stars, writers and producers behind the culture and politics podcast series 'What's Now? With Alan & Kallum'.
James Anderson 1 Article
James Anderson is a UK Communications and politics analyst, focusing in particular on the Conservative Party. He has previously worked as an activist on local and national campaigns in public affairs. He graduated from Warwick University in History and writes regularly on UK politics and history.
Geejo Francis 1 Article
Law graduate. Politics student. History buff and an ardent Conan fan.
Holly Morgan 1 Article
Holly Morgan is making her Fringe debut with Seven Crazy Bitches at Assembly in 2017
Jonathan Tew 1 Article
Masters in Research student at the University of the West of England
Karim Dafallah 1 Article
Karim Dafallah is a political contributor for DARROW and works for The Challenge in the Inclusion Support Service team. He graduated from Coventry University with a BA in History and mainly covers British politics.
Laura Simmons 1 Article
A recent Politics graduate and a current Intelligence and Security student, I have a passion for writing and a great interest for British politics and history as well as current affairs.
Ferdusi Jahan 1 Article
An English Language and Linguistics graduate interested in all things political.
Murdo Fraser 1 Article
Murdo Fraser is a Scottish politician and the former Deputy leader of the Scottish Conservative Party in the Scottish Parliament. He has been a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Mid Scotland and Fife region since 2001. He is currently the Conservative shadow spokesman for Finance
Miriam Abilama 1 Article
Miriam is a London-based writer and corporate communications professional who believes in the power of words.
Molly McGrady 1 Article
Molly studied Law and English Literature at the University of Glasgow. Her interests include EU law, politics and languages.
Martin Houdek 1 Article
Martin is a second-year student reading Law at Durham University with an emphasis on public law and policy. He has accrued over 15 months’ full-time experience in the investment banking, corporate law and political advisory sectors.
Ilia Hionidou 1 Article
Undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow reading English Literature.
Will Lane 1 Article
I am a History and Politics student studying in Manchester with a long-running interest in national politics. I have a specific interest in ethical and human rights issues.
Suzi Morris 1 Article
Scottish born Suzi Morris is an artist and writer. With an MA in Painting from the City & Guilds of London Art School, she is now undertaking a practice based Professional Doctorate in Fine Art at University of East London.
Nicol Ogston 1 Article
Nicol is highly critical of the current constitutional debates surrounding the UK and EU's futures. Having completed a degree in History and Politics at Edinburgh University, he now spends his time explaining some of the political issues facing Europe and the Middle East.
Bartu Atamert 1 Article
I continue to, and have explored local and global level affairs ranging from micro level racial conflicts to humanitarian crisis’ in the Middle East and North Korea, while incorporating theoretical conceptions such as the role of gender in international relations.
Allie Cooper 1 Article
Allie Cooper is a British guest blogger for 5 years and counting.
Annie Maddison 1 Article
A food, fun and dance-loving English and French Graduate from the University of Leeds, and an aspiring writer who analyses beyond the point of no return.
Jorge Sarasola 1 Article
Uruguayan by birth, I studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature at St Andrews. Since then I have worked as journalist and teacher in Uruguay, and now I am back in Europe pursuing an MA in Cultural Studies funded by the EU.
Mica Soellner 1 Article
Mica Soellner is an American freelance journalist who has previously interned for the Independent, media platforms across South Wales and has been featured on the BBC Asian Network radio.
Scott Liddell 1 Article
Photographer behind the 'Dark Edinburgh' series
Sandra Hale 1 Article
Sandra Hale was a professional actor for over 45 years working with comedy greats such as Sidney James, Clive Dunn, and John Inman. Then in December 2013 at the age of 61, Hale decided to try her hand at stand-up comedy and hasn't looked back!
James Samson 1 Article
James is a final year Law LLB student at Glasgow University. Having just returned from studying in Gothenburg, Sweden, James's writing interest lie in immigration law, accountability of government and Chinese political and legal culture.
Niall McCumesty 1 Article
Masters Student in International Development at University of Glasgow.
Bradley Alis 1 Article
Bradley Alis is a current final year International Relations student at the University of Leeds, with an interest in Terrorism and Middle Eastern politics, and more specifically in Israeli politics and Terrorism. His interests include anything Everton FC.
Nicole Williams 1 Article
Nicole has over 10 years of professional experience supporting and servicing technology needs of corporate clients. She also has 3 years professional experience working with a number of political campaigns as a professional consultant.
Alexander Owers 1 Article
Alexander is a recent graduate in politics and international relations who has previously held editorial positions at college and university. He is looking to expand his editorial range and portfolio of published work. Alexander specialises in politics and current affairs, philosophy and spirituality, and culture.
Cello Vashti Dutton David 1 Article
I am a recent MA graduate from the University of Sussex where I read Geopolitics and Grand Strategy. I hope to go into a career in charity, international policy or left wing politics. I also want to write. I was home educated for most of my young life and this was how I found my love for Literature, History, Philosophy and Politics. I have been fascinated by people and society ever since. My favourite author is Albert Camus.
Lewis Spencer-Witcomb 1 Article
Lewis is currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Manchester. As well as his academic interests in these subjects and the relations between them he is also a keen sports fan, following his local teams in football and rugby league.
Daniel J Black 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
David Malcolm 1 Article
A graduate from Teesside University with a Masters in History. Deeply interested in British and American politics alongside world history and philosophy.
albaboludalopez 0 Articles
I am Spanish student at the University of Edinburgh. I currently study Economics and Politics and have a strong interest in behavioural economics and public policy.
Archie_Batra 0 Articles
I am the former club chair at the St Andrews Labour Club, studying for my History degree at the University of St Andrews, which I will complete in 2020. @archie_batra
JJESweeney1994 0 Articles
An enthusiast of all things yesterday, Joseph recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a degree in History and German. Since moving to Berlin, his interest in the past has only got stronger.
Allen Henderson 0 Articles
Web designer and computer expert.