I pledge allegiance to the Republican Party

I don’t know what’s more shocking, American citizens’ lack of geographical knowledge or their president and his administration’s ignoring Russia’s blatant declaration of cyberwarfare. Evidently, this was and is an act of cyberwarfare; any underestimation of this is dangerous and threatening towards the U.S and its supposed democracy- not that their president is preoccupied with that, concerning himself only on how to pocket more money.

I mean don’t get me wrong the U.S has been guilty of this long before the Cheeto in Chief took office what with the attempt of hacking the elections in Iraq and Afghanistan- unsuccessfully so. Call it Karma or poetic justice but the U.S also interfered with Russia’s elections in 1996, deathly terrified of Yeltsin losing and his communist opponent winning, the U.S sent 10 billion in a loan through the IMF to Russia four months prior to the election as well as a hefty team of American political consultants. Much to their relief, they were successful in doing so, claiming that this was a win for democracy, ignoring the fact that this interference went against every democratic value out there.

Despite the U.S’s blatant interference in the international realm the president’s administration is very conveniently ignoring all of Russia’s efforts in undermining their political system. Oh wait, pardon me, that would be because the president and his administration colluded with Russia in order to elect said the president, which is Ludacris.

The narrative by the administration so far has been:

  1. We didn’t meet with the Russians
  2. Okay so we met with them but we didn’t collude
  3. We might have colluded but collusion isn’t illegal

One of Trump’s lawyers: Rudy Giuliani ranted on CNN that he didn’t “even know if that’s a crime… colluding about Russians”. Well Giuliani, your inability to formulate concise sentences in your mother tongue amuses me but you are right sir colluding “about Russians” isn’t a crime but colluding with Russians sure is- and I tell you that not as a former mayor of New York and a lawyer to the president but as a 22-year-old student instead. Furthermore, Trump’s insisting of calling this a “Russian hoax” is not just chilling but deeply disturbing: the correct jargon for this is not election meddling, no it is cyber warfare. As explained by Intel chief Dan coats: “America’s infrastructure is literally under attack”.

Concluding that America is no longer the leader of the free world (was it ever really?) and it is slowly downwards descending towards authoritarian ruling as the free press is constantly attacked. Depressing and worrisome the demise of America brings with it a new and unprecedented international dynamic, as the core fundamental values of the country have been stripped away, the culprits being these new radical Republicans, picking party over their own country.


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