The problem with Youtube: The Paul Brothers

I don’t know how aware everyone is with the situation around Logan Paul and the suicide forest in Japan, but if you’re not sure of what I will be talking about, go and read a few articles on the issue before returning to this article.

I’ve only recently paid attention to this recent Logan Paul fiasco. I naturally assumed that he had done something moronic, but perhaps not to this level. For reference to those of you who do not necessarily spend a lot of time on Youtube, the Paul brothers (Logan, the older brother, and Jake, the younger brother) are both known to be a part of Youtube that a lot of people do not agree with. Mostly due to how they fail to take responsibility for their poor choices time and time again. Likewise, due to their younger audience, a lot of people argue that they set a bad example, and this recent event is another reason why they are.

In my view, it is clear that the Paul brothers are a problem. It seems blindingly obvious to me that Logan Paul went into that forest either looking for a dead body or knowing full well that it is likely that he’d come across one. Even if he incredibly, didn’t expect to find a dead body, he had the option not to vlog it when he found it, or upload it, or add the part in where he makes some offensive remarks in relation to the dead body.

However, there is a part of this that looks to be overlooked in the press and that is that the video made it to the Youtube Trending section. In fact, it made it to position 10 on Trending at least!

Here is how Youtube’s algorithm apparently chooses Trending videos:

If you are to look at the title of the video ‘We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide forest…’ it is alarming that this made it to Trending. Surely the Algorithm should be able to pick up the title of a video and stop something of that title getting to Trending. It is clear that if a video of that title isn’t clickbait, then it clearly must have a dead body in it, which surely is not appropriate for Youtube?

My final concern with this is that I firmly believe that Logan Paul will not be punished for this. He won’t be punished by Youtube, his fans or the internet, quite to the same extent as other Youtubers. Take, for example, Pewdiepie and his infamous N-word incident. Very briefly, what happened was on a live stream he accidentally said the N-word whilst playing a game. The internet and a lot of the press turned on him (to an extent, like they usually do) and tried to ruin him. He eventually managed to get past it after countless apologies and rebuilding of trust. Logan Paul, on the other hand, is in a situation far worse than Pewdiepie. He has released an apology video, and yet he is already being forgiven by some people?

The problem I have with this, however, is that Youtube itself will not punish Logan Paul. This is mostly due to how Youtube has become purely based on cash and views, it has lost any morals it once had a long time ago. The Paul brothers are Youtubes biggest stars and therefore biggest new revenue of 2017. Therefore, Youtube will most likely try to bury this under the dirt as much as they can all for the sake of profit. Any punishment for Logan Paul would surprise me.


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