Why you should visit Albox

A very dear friend once wrote to me that Andalusia is an untapped marvel in tourism. I’d add that Albox is a rural delight unmatched in its authentic Spanish charm. 

Not as well-known as say, Ronda, it’s just as traditional whilst a good distance away from the overwhelming affectations of modernity. 

Located in the middle of the Almanzora Valley (about 130km from Almeria city and 420m above sea level),  it can be reached by a stunning drive through the Cierra de Las Estancias and the Sierra de Los Filabres mountain ranges. 

Olive groves, citrus orchards and sunlit rolling hills line the way, and at the right time of year temperatures are a comfortable average of 18 topping over 30 in the summer months and getting chillier in the winter time. 

Albox is one of the few unspoilt villages in Spain (save for an earthquake in 1503). It’s surrounded by trees and the Almanzora and Albanchez rivers. There’s a real agricultural thrill to the area; an unapologetic smell of nature and fresh air. It will come as no surprise that ‘Albox’ is derived from the Arabic for a forest. 

With a population of nearly 12,00 inhabitants and a long history; the white-washed town is an idyllic spot to experience a montage of Spanish traditions including the All Saints Fair, the St. Francis Fair and Easter week. There’s even an active chess and football tradition as well as an annual rock concert to boot; all of which bring thousands together with an emphasis on community and celebration. 

Boasting a history that dates back to the Medieval times, Albox is a market town of such quiet vibrancy, colour and tradition that it brings all that is best about the meeting of old and modern Spain together. 


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