A Grave in the Sky

All aboard Iran Air

The flight to a foreign land,

a land called evil.

Yearns for their death is like a prayer call

ritualistic with hands that thump against the chest.

Assigned seats, bursting carry on and heavy sighs.

The covered rip off their protective fabrics, eyes smiling, teeth barred,

throats tightening with heresy.

Let’s go to the land of lascivious men, burning liquids and blasphemy.

A cold vessel of transitioning cultures.

“Oh god,” you sink into your stiff seat and eye the wild untamed heads.

Airborne and homeless, citizens of the sky.

Groundless, unearthly tie.

To find another life somewhere,

because to stay here is to die.

You clutch at the cotton on your head and bit your lip,

pulling it down. Tempting the divine.

Hairs tickle your neck and caress your shoulders.

Oh, how devilishly delightful!

Freedom of the restrained.

I would be hung by my hair in hellfire,

my flesh torn to shreds.

Eternal pain and shame,

a lifetime of dread.

Benevolence undermined by this temptress, a virginal village girl.

A student denying teacher, a body rejecting dictators,

a daughter refusing parental advice,

for a life of sin and vice.

This plane will take me elsewhere,

a land of infidels.

Inciteful philosophy made my sovereign a liar

and me, a soulless immigrant aboard a metal vessel with weak wings,

both sanctioned to the halves of the world.

Father spat murtad at me and I replied quietly with words suppressed:

“Within the fire lies knowledge that transgresses red lines.

I prefer the beckoning blue to the holy green

and daggers of truth instead of sugary lies.

I’m Satan’s accomplice and your god’s slave.

Education kindled my impiety,

that’s why I can say,

Alas, heaven’s closed its gates for me.



Saiedeh Naeini 4 Articles
Saiedeh Naeini (Sai Naeini) Member of the Council of Ex-Muslims and the Organising Committee for the International Conference on Free Expression and Conscience. Disclaimer: Posts are not representative of the Council of Ex-Muslims. These are my own opinions. BA. English/History of Art. University of York. MA. Culture and Thought after 1945. University of York. MA English Studies: Literature, Language, Culture. Free University of Berlin. Feminist and atheist. Fluent in Farsi, English and German.

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