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Richard Thieriot | Things I have learned – Week One of the Fringe

12/08/2017 Richard Thieriot

“In the US we use Cheeky, Naughty and Dirty as synonyms and almost exclusively when doing our best British impersonations. They have all come to mean “slightly provocative behavior from someone who is usually quite tame”. So it is not surprising that as I approached the gleaming counter at Nando’s, my American-sized smile on my face, I chose the wrong adjective.” (Read More)

Arts & Culture

Rik Carranza | Star Trek vs Star Wars

12/08/2017 Rik Carranza

“I am a fan of both franchises, or as I call it, Sci Fi Sexual, which is not the late night version of the Sci Fi channel, with some girl dressed up Princess Leia in that gold bikini with her phasers set to stunning. Nor do I have some weird sexual kink involving heavy prosthetics and forced dialogue. What it means is that from a young age I knew the difference between a blaster and a phaser, warp speed and light speed, lightsabers and bat’leths. I love them both dearly but, if I’m honest with myself, there can only be one.” (Read More)