Poetry | ‘Gambles and Shambles’

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For the Tories, it was another omnishambles,

The election was launched, it was a gamble,

There was that pledge of strong and stable,

Yet what is this, weak and unstable,

That personal mandate reduced to dust,

The pursuit of which, a source of disgust,

The clock is ticking Mrs May,

Forces at work will make you pay,

A Conservative party whose knives are ready,

Waiting to slash when you’re unsteady,


It’s that time again, Brexit is here,

You want it ‘hard’, that spells fear,

To stay divisive,

You were decisive,

Forming a deal with the DUP,

With a notable hint of political glee,

Convenient such, the money tree appears,

After denial and deceit that lasted years,


So what is left for Theresa May?

It definitely is not for her to stay,

She said about forming a majority government,

Not a desperate minority covenant,

What is left for her to do?

Pursue a career albeit new.


About Oliver Murphy 20 Articles
Oliver is an A-Level Politics student, contributory writer and campaigner for MakeVotesMatter. His work focuses on British politics, contemporary political events and European politics. Supplementing this is a passion for History.

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