Poetry | ‘To the peaceful market town’

Scum, to the peaceful market town they come,

Their presence felt the town is glum,

Fuelled by desire to recreate hell,

Who knows what trouble their actions will spell,


Scum, to the peaceful market town they come,

To the quiet people, their mind a gun,

Ready to fire, contempt and pain,

Their influence, hostility will remain,


Scum, to the peaceful market town they come,

This buyonlinegenericmeds.com/products/xenical time more violent, run, run, run,

But even escapism, there is no way,

To end the misery that pervades each day,


It can be ended, their tyrannous reign,

The source of much disdain,

Drive, drive, drive out the scum,

Make them crumble, let them run,


And once they have gone,

The battle is won,

The gloomy aura disappears,

To be met with hope that reappears


Oliver Murphy 24 Articles
Oliver is currently an A-Level Politics student. He is also a contributory writer, campaigner for MakeVotesMatter and Media Manager for DARROW. His work focuses on British politics, contemporary political events and European politics. Supplementing this is a passion for Literature and History.

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