The Tories and the DUP… happy bedfellows?

The new government brings with it new challenges, ranging from the lack of an overall majority to the concessions recently made to secure a confidence and supply deal with the DUP. Theresa May faces battles across a number of fronts, with a potential leadership coup in the wings, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party gaining strength and popularity by the day and on the international stage as France tells us we can go back on Brexit and remain in the EU.

The rumblings that another election is on the cards sooner rather than later do make May’s position somewhat untenable. Grasping onto the last of the power she previously wielded with ease.

The DUP, on the other hand, have neurontin order online risen astronomically, for a party with 10 MPs, the balance of power lies with them, and as this morning’s deal has shown, they mean business, securing £1bn’s worth of funding to Northern Ireland over the next two years. The deal was signed by Gavin Williamson (Government Chief Whip) and his DUP counterpart, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson.

The deal also secured the pension triple lock and winter fuel payments which the Conservatives had previously contemplated scrapping in their manifest. They also reassured the 2% of GDP spending on our NATO commitments.

May needs this deal to pass her first piece of legislation, the Queen’s Speech, later this week. The question is, will this make or break Gavin Williamson’s career?


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Charlie is a University of Leeds Politics graduate, currently working in the heart of British Politics.

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