Poetry | ‘The Existence’

When asked what is the meaning of life,

Many reply: misery and strife,

The hopeless existence in a world of war,

The continuance of plight ever more,

Look upon the barren plains,

To witness the site of prolonging pain,

The once great cities reduced to dust,

Are the breeding grounds for anger and distrust,

Where once the families upheld peace,

Are witnessing their freedom cease.

For many the meaning of life is unclear,

It breeds contempt and unforeseen fear,

The catalyst of destruction,

Not construction.

One day man will see,

That the meaning of life is down to he,

To end that cyclical continuance of pain,

Will come the peaceful gain.

Oliver Murphy 20 Articles
Oliver is an A-Level Politics student, contributory writer and campaigner for MakeVotesMatter. His work focuses on British politics, contemporary political events and European politics. Supplementing this is a passion for History.

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