Poetry | ‘The Climate of Adversity’

For Labour, all was well in seventy nine,

But the election of Thatcher, we lost our shine,

So in we ushered devolution,

But this was no solution,

As we lost the election of seventy nine,

And plunged into a period of decline.


Arise, Margaret Thatcher!

There’s a devout tory,

Bringing the conservatives to the forefront of glory,

The first woman to hold government power,

Dwarfing Labour’s pithy red flower,

Socialism ha! What a disgrace,

Conservative influence is winning the race,


But oh, what is this, deregulation,

Not a positive, but negative experimentation!

You thought the way forward was to privatise,

But again it’s the poor who fail to acclimatise,

To boost the economy, just close the coal mines!

And cause more job loss, yes that’s fine!


But even democratic, we oppose socialism,

So make way for aggressive individualism,

With no such thing as a society,

Wealth generation will be mighty,

For we are the party that supports a free market,

With prosperity, being the richest is our target

The elitists, their regime will continue to rule,

Ensuring the lowest accutane online continue to, how cruel!


But let us go forward to twenty ten,

Where labour have lost the election again,

A poor leader, called Ed Miliband,

Who in politics never really had the upper hand

To create his policy stone five years on,

Symbolised that he would soon be gone.


But on the night of his twenty ten win,

Cameron popped the cork,

But later it transpires, ‘call me Dave’

that on the agenda was a hint of pork.

And o ho whats’ this, a one nation Tory,

But yet a strengthening of etonian glory,

With more nominations for the honours list,

It is clear that Dave doesn’t get the gist,

That honours go to those with good intention to show,

Not to those who put up the PM for a night in their home.

In politics today, nothing more than adversity,

A prominent lack of societal diversity,

With two main parties that simply dominate,

There is no-one different to celebrate,

A seemingly growing gerontocracy,

Perish the though of representative democracy.


Oliver Murphy 24 Articles
Oliver is currently an A-Level Politics student. He is also a contributory writer, campaigner for MakeVotesMatter and Media Manager for DARROW. His work focuses on British politics, contemporary political events and European politics. Supplementing this is a passion for Literature and History.

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