Thoughts on General Election 2017

Conservative Failure

This has probably been one of the biggest failures of a recent snap election by Theresa May. For someone who was looking for a 60+ majority in parliament, she hasn’t managed to get a majority without having to go into coalition with the DUP. There has been a discussion that May is only going to complete Brexit and will be removed for another leader. During the night, Boris Johnson’s odds for becoming leader fell from around 20/1 to 5/1, could he possibly be the next leader? Frankly, I would not be surprised if the party decides to start with a fresh backbencher as their new leader.


Will there be a Coalition? By the looks of it, May is forming a minority Government and will need the DUP’s help to push through legislation. If there is a Coalition, May has a large task on her hand on who she brings into the cabinet. MP’s such as Michael Gove can be brought into the cabinet to try and improve her cabinet and potentially unite the party. I’d also be interested in knowing if the DUP get any positions within the coalition. Will they get any Junior Ministerial positions as they only have 10 MPs?

Labour Party

On the other hand, this has been an incredible performance by Corbyn and his team. A lot of the polls expected the party to be practically destroyed. However, they have indeed gained seats from both the Conservatives and other parties show that the Corbyn project is a success. All I think Labour needs to do is to stay united. Corbyn and his team, no matter how hard it is, should try and reach out to people like Yvette Cooper and perhaps even Chukka Umunna and bring them into the cabinet to show the diversity within the party. There’s a good chance that the Conservatives may start to fight amongst themselves, similar to Labour did around a year ago, and Labour could become the government.

Other Parties

In relation to the other parties, the Liberal Democrats have gained seats but have also lost some political heavy-weights like Nick Clegg, but gained others like Vince Cable. There shall be a long time before the Liberal Democrats start to regain the number of seats that they had during 2010. I doubt they may reach the same number of seats that they once had simply due to the Coalition. UKIP is now a party that has failed and I doubt will make any major comeback, they have lost a lot of votes, no MP’s and have also just lost their leader Paul Nuttall. I heard rumours that Nigel Farage may be making a comeback which would increase the share of the votes, but I think the party have already peaked.

Overall, this has been a real mess of an election by Theresa May. She made some significant errors over the campaign which have cost her the majority that she once had, and I think the population will soon get annoyed with this government.


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