Poetry | ‘Edinburgh’

You magnificent,
Power without responsibility,
The prerogative of the harlot.
I was here,
I was there,
I’m older,
I’m younger,
The places are the same,
The places are different,
I was drunk,
I was sober,
They were my friends,
They were my enemies,
I was there,
I was here,
I was everywhere,
The mirror,
Cruel and unusual,
The mirror,
Cruel but the elder,
The younger,
Imprisoned to a head,
A cage of memories,
Or a nest of happiness,
A sea of change,
Interpretation for the seasons,
With Edinburgh always there.

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Alastair Stewart 255 Articles

Alastair Stewart is a freelance writer, journalist, and teacher based in Edinburgh and Almería. He regularly writes about politics, history, and culture for magazines across Europe.

He was formerly a press officer at the Scottish Parliament. He graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in International Relations.

Alastair founded DARROW in 2013 to support new and emerging writing talent in Scotland around the world.

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