5 Foodie Reads for the Weekend

'Food for the weekend' / CC
'Food for the weekend' / CC

TGIF. Whilst it’s been a short week for us in the UK, the hot weather has made commuting particularly difficult. Here’s 5 foodie things to read with a glass of wine to get you excited about what you’re going to cook and drink this weekend.

Half Baked Harvest’s Cinnamon Sugar Nutella Quesadillas – here’s one for the sweet-toothed among you, and my housemate Emma. I can see these being russelled up in our house over the weekend, I’ll report back if it works dairy free too.

Ham and Cheese Egg Dunkers – Brunch is pretty much the best invention ever, and these ham and cheese egg dunkers are an interesting twist on an old classic. I’m sure we’ll be trying regular and dairy free versions… watch this space!

Clandestine Cake Club’s Sucre Kitchen Magazine – The Clandestine Cake Club is a great group who host ordering doxycycline meet ups across the country where members bring baked goods – what’s not to like?! This is their brand new magazine, packed with tips, interviews and recipes.

The Cocktail Guy – ‘Game changer, rule breaker, cocktail maker’, and so much more. Rich Woods is an award-winning bartender, helping us see cocktails in a new light (and inspiration to dust off those forgotten bottles at the back of the cupboard). Rich posts recipes of his cocktails with each photo, but you can find the real thing at Duck and Waffle and Sushisamba. Cocktails here we come!

Why Breakfast is Not For Wimps – The Pool’s Lucy Dunn, speaks to Michael Zee about his hugely popular Symmetry Breakfast Instagram accountblog and brand new cookbook. Michael explains how it all started as an act of love for his boyfriend, looking to carve out time to spend together.


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