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'Cakes and things' / CC
'Cakes and things' / CC

The office is getting excited and we are all attempting to bake (I tried these Nigella chocolate chip cookies last night, trading the butter and flour for dairy free oil spread and coconut flour). There’s only one thing that causes this – Great British Bake Off is back!

We were introduced to the 12 new bakers as they entered the tent, unaware of Mary and Paul’s challenges that lay ahead, at this point we’re with them, all of us thinking that we could be on the next series, it’s only when they start baking that we accept that we’ll stick to our fairy cakes.

Without giving too much away, the challenges were to make a drizzle cake (try Mary’s Lemon Drizzle recipe), Jaffa Cakes (try the Boy Who Bakes recipe) and a Mirror glazed genoise sponge cake (good luck, they looked incredibly difficult!).

Paul and Mary have said they’re taking things back to basics with this series, which is refreshing, as most of us have tetracycline buy online made a drizzle cake, and eaten Jaffa Cakes, (pretty sure not many of us have attempted a mirror glaze though!). It has inspired me to give Jaffa Cakes a go, using the Boy Who Bakes recipe, and make sure I get them the right way up, unlike some of the bakers in the tent!

A quick office poll showed that we were in consensus with the baker who left, he did well, but as Paul said, “Sometimes simplicity is the way forward. That’s taking it a little too far.”, if only he’d put some cream in with his strawberries! We were all also very surprised at the Star Baker, although we can’t deny she definitely did well, we’ll be watching her progress through the tent with interest.

After an incredibly hot and sticky week, the GBBO is a welcome sign that Autumn is approaching. I’ll be here, every Thursday for the post-Bake Off round up, and maybe a few attempts of my own!


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