Review | Matt Forde – It’s my political party (and I’ll cry if I want to)

Moyan Brenn, Edinburgh Festival / CC
Photograph: Moyan Brenn / CC

Making a return to the Fringe with his highly acclaimed show, It’s My Political Party (and I’ll Cry if I Want to), Matt Forde demonstrates why he has fast become one of the nation’s foremost political comics. The self-confessed Weatherspoon’s frequenting, Greggs pasty eating comedian gives his audience a much welcome banter-filled perspective of what has been the most tumultuous summer of politics modern Britain has ever experienced; though, as always, his performance is peppered with genuinely insightful musings on the nation’s future and reflections on how things got to be as they are.

In keeping with the stand-up routine of his podcasted show The Political Party, Forde’s highly entertaining, laugh-out-loud performance includes what are undoubtedly the most brilliant impressions of the British political classes on offer from any comedian buy tetracycline tablets currently on the comedy circuit; fans of The Political Party will also appreciate the visual dynamic to his performance not available from the podcast alone. The likes of Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Gordon Brown and David Cameron are amongst those Forde impersonates with precision, and although fans of his will be disappointed not to see his, in Forde’s own words, ‘dangerously good’ Ed Miliband parody, they can rest assured that they will never look at Theresa May quite the same ever again after witnessing his unique take on the new Prime Minister!

Fringe goers will be hard pressed to find a politically themed stand-up show performed with more enthusiasm, filled with more genuinely insightful perspectives and, ultimately, more laughs than Matt Forde’s.

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