Reflections on the Referendum: The flaws and fallacies of the Leave campaign

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I’ve held off on posting my real thoughts about the referendum results until I got past the raw emotions from my initial reaction, and had a chance to see the fallout from the result.

Fundamentally, I am angry about the result. I was never confident about the Remain campaign. After what happened during Scottish referendum I felt uneasy being on the side of project fear this time. I knew it was a losing battle. This was referendum fought on emotions, not facts, and both sides lost as far as I’m concerned.

I still maintain that this referendum, at its core, was never about Europe. It was about who wanted control of the Tory party, the country and its people. Only history will show how career politicians were able to manipulate people to further themselves with no regards for the consequences.

The fallout from the result has been horrible and has really shown how divided the country really is. I believe that this world should have fewer borders but apparently, most of the people who voted in the referendum disagree with me.

One of the worst parts of the result now is seeing Remain voters calling Leave voters racist and Leave voters telling Remainers to ‘shut up and accept the result’. Both of you are wrong. Deeply wrong.

First of all to all Remain voters: We lost, it hurts, and while we cannot stop fighting for what we believe in, to tarnish all Leave voters with the same brush (racist, stupid, whatever insult you throw at them) does not help. It will merely entrench them further in their belief of an elitist establishment that looks down on them and patronises them. We lost the campaign because David Cameron ran project fear and Jeremy Corbyn disappeared. We should’ve been shouting from the rooftops about the great things we got from the EU. Freedom of movement, workers rights, maternity and paternity leave annual leave, safer working conditions, equal pay, less discrimination, healthcare whilst in EU countries and sharing of cultures. We should’ve been telling people that the best way to fix the flaws of the EU was to remain and be proactive rather than be British and mutter under our breath how bad things were while ‘getting on with it.’

Leave voters. Telling Remainers to shut up and accept the result is deeply hypocritical. You would’ve been saying the same thing has the shoe been on the other foot. I firmly believe that a 1.9% difference is not enough to mandate the government to trigger something as monumental as removing ourselves from the EU. I hate to say this but I agree with Farage when he said that a result of 52/48 would mean unfinished business. 1.9% is nothing. If a major corporation were to make a decision as big as this, then they would have required a bigger difference between leave and remain.

Saying that as a Remain voter this is why I’m angry with Leave voters:

To the Leave voters who claim to have not voted for racist reasons. Whilst that may be the case, your vote has legitimised the actions of racists because like it or not, whilst not all leave voters are racists, all racists voted Leave. By winning, they now believe, more than ever, that they now represent this country. As someone who has suffered from racist abuse my entire life, I am not looking forward to the future. You think things were bad before, they are going to get a whole lot worse.

To the Leave voters who voted as a protest against the establishment: You voted the establishment in and all you have generic keflex antibiotics done by voting for leaving the EU is handed even more power to the establishment who have actually caused the real problems in the country. The Tories have made cuts to the NHS and other public services. Now they will be the party that negotiates our exit from the EU and will be the party that sets the agenda for the country moving forward. You think things were bad before, they are going to get a whole lot worse.

To the Leave voters who voted because they don’t want to be ruled by an unelected body. That is precisely what we have now. First Past The Post has ensured that we have a Tory government and that Tory government is now going to elect their own leader who will, in turn, automatically become our Prime Minister, and we have no say in that. On top of that, we have an unelected House of Lords who can overrule our elected MPs. Our EU MEPs were elected by us and the EU commission could only have say on new laws if we requested their input. We have handed power to the Tories and to career politicians who only care about themselves. You think things were bad before, they are going to get a whole lot worse.

To the Leave voters who voted to ‘save the NHS’. You have done the exact opposite. Maybe you believed that by leaving the EU we would have £350 million a week extra to spend on it? That was debunked as a lie several times and not long after the result was announced, Farage admitted that it was a mistake to say that it would happen. You think things were bad before, they are going to get a whole lot worse.

To the Leave voters who voted to ‘get their country back’. I want mine back. My country was an inclusive country that looked outward, not inward. That was part of the EU and gave people chance to work and live where they wanted, meet other people and share different cultures. The EU cleaned our beaches, and invested in Wales, Cornwall and Manchester. We have turned our back on all the good things the EU has given us and risked losing it all. You think things were bad before, they are going to get a whole lot worse.

To the Leave voters who are telling Remain voters to ‘shut up and accept the result’, to ‘stop bitching and moaning’. We won’t. Just like you wouldn’t if the result was reversed. This is what a democracy is, it’s people disagreeing and fighting for what they believe in. You think things were bad before, they are going to get a whole lot worse.

I’m angry because I feel that my country has been destroyed by this referendum. I’m angry because we were lied to by both the Leave and Remain campaign. I’m angry that the country is divided even further. This result will not make Britain ‘Great’ again. This result will tear this country apart and no amount of telling people to ‘shut up and accept the result’ or belittling people who disagree with you, will make things better.

This country will never be ‘Great’ again. Politicians played divide and conquer with the people they’re supposed to represent for their own gain. They will continue to do so until there is a fundamental change to our political system.

You think things were bad before, they are going to get a whole lot worse.

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